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Is there a difference between a self-directed IRA LLC and a “checkbook control” IRA? I hear these terms being referenced but not sure if they are different structures?

Justin V., MA

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your question. This is a really good question because that seems to come up quite often. There is no difference between a self-directed IRA LLC and the “checkbook control” IRA. Both terms connote a type of structure that involve the establishment of a special purpose limited liability company (“LLC”), which will be wholly owned by the IRA and managed by the IRA holder or any third-party. The term self-directed IRA LLC or “checkbook control” IRA is not an IRS term or a term of art. Both terms simply describe a structure that uses a special purpose LLC to offer the IRA holder with more control and investment freedom over his or her IRA assets.

Thanks and please do not hesitate to follow-up with any questions.

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