Do I need an independent appraisal for the purchase of the new corporation stock?

Yes. Pursuant to ERISA rules, a 401(k) Plan is permitted to acquire “qualified employer security” provided that the acquisition or sale is for adequate consideration. In the October 1, 2008 Memorandum, the IRS stated that an exchange of company stock between the plan and the new company sponsor would be a prohibited transaction, unless the requirements of ERISA Section 408(e) are met. Therefore, valuation of the capitalization of the new company is a relevant issue. Since the company is new, there could be a question of whether it is indeed worth the value of the tax-deferred assets for which it was exchanged. If the transaction has not been for adequate consideration, it would have to be corrected. On August 27, 2010, on the public phone forum, the IRS reaffirmed their position on the need for an independent appraisal to value the purchased corporate stock. The IRA Financial Group will assist you in identifying an independent third-party business appraisal or CPA to help value the stock of the new or existing company.

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