Experience the Freedom of Checkbook Control

With a “checkbook control” Self Directed IRA LLC you will never have to seek the consent of a custodian to make an investment or be subject to excessive custodian account fees based on account value and per transaction.

As manager of the IRA LLC, all decisions are truly yours. To make an investment, simply write a check and use the funds straight from your Self Directed IRA LLC bank account.

The Self-Directed IRA LLC with “checkbook control” will give you the freedom to act quickly on a potential investment opportunity. When you find an investment that you want to make with your IRA funds, as manager of the LLC, simply write a check or wire the funds straight from your Self Directed IRA LLC bank account to make the investment. The Self Directed IRA allows you to eliminate the delays associated with an IRA custodian, enabling you to act quickly when the right investment opportunity presents itself. Since you and not the IRA custodian is in charge of making investments with your IRA, a Self-Directed IRA LLC with “checkbook control” will allow you to invest in almost any type of investment opportunity that you discover, including: Real Estate (rentals, foreclosures, raw land, tax liens etc.), Private Businesses, Precious Metals, Hard Money & Peer to Peer Lending as well as stock and mutual funds; you're only limit is your imagination. The income and gains from these investments will flow back into your IRA tax-free. 

Experience the freedom of Checkbook Control with IRA Financial Group’s Self-Directed IRA LLC with “Checkbook Control”.

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