IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

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Work directly with our in-house retirement tax professionals to set-up an IRS compliant Retirement Plan. Our retirement tax professionals have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, including White & Case LLP and Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP.

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IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

“IRA Financial Group was AMAZING to work with. They went above and beyond all of our expectations. We hit a few bumps in the road with the IRA rollover and the IRA Financial Group team was right there to help get everything worked out and to make sure that my rollover was done correctly and I was able to complete my real estate transaction. The IRA financial Group and specifically Jacky was always willing to answer any and all questions as fast as they could. I would and will definitely refer anyone to IRA Financial Group who is looking to establish a “checkbook control” self-directed IRA to purchase real estate.”

-Dr. Yusuf Mamdani

IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much! You and your team have made this a wonderful experience for us. We are very grateful for your step by step help. We have already shared our testimony with our family and friends!

I really appreciate all the links you shared and the reminders along the way. I am excited to start earning income from the rental and I know that the income will provide us with additional security in an uncertain economy! Thanks again for all your help, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

-The Padillas

“I must say that my experience hiring IRA Financial Group and Rep. Ravenna Maer to handle my self-directed LLC was extraordinary and very professional. They work rapidly and hassle free. They communicate well and as often as I needed. Also, Ravenna Maer took the time to answer every question I had.

I highly recommend IRA Financial Group to everyone who is interested in IRA's.”

-Jose Domingez

“At the beginning of 2014 I learned of an opportunity to invest in what would be a series of real estate, single-family home building projects with an excellent builder in New England who I knew well. However, all of the funds I wanted to invest via construction loans to the builder secured by promissory notes were in my Roth IRA account held by one of the major investment firms. When I began reading about options to do a self-directed IRA with checkbook control, I made contact with IRA Financial. Not only was it easy to work with the staff and the attorney assigned to me, the whole process was completed in a very short time and for a very reasonable total fee of $1,500, including setting up my LLC and my account with IRA Services Trust Company.

In short, setting up my self-directed Roth IRA with checkbook control has not only been very successful (two projects completed with closings in the first year) but it has been really easy. Being able to write checks for staged construction loans and then getting the principal and interest paid back into my LLC account when the projects closed has been an excellent experience. Thanks to IRA Financial for making this all work so well.”

-Hank Steenstra

“Our experience has been great! My husband first heard of self directed IRA so that we could invest in property instead of stocks, but it has taken years to find the information we needed and the expertise to help us make this transition. Every personal phone contact has been wonderful. We had to work quickly to be able to close a cash real estate contract and IRA Financial Group's education in the rules applicable to IRA investments as well as an expedited formation of our LLC was exactly what we needed, when we needed it. I feel confident moving forward with their continued support. Thank you all, particularly Jacky Ospina in the Miami Office. For the first time I am excited to be active in retirement planning.”

-Audrey Lanae Waldrup

“I have just set up a second self-directed plan with IRA FG. One is a 401(k) plan for my business, the other an IRA for my wife. I have nothing but good things to say. The entire process went smoothly in both cases, I received personal attention throughout, and any questions/queries have been promptly answered, both during the plan creation processes, and subsequently. Special shout out to Susan Glass: She's awesome!”

-Paul Luykx

“I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering changing to a self directed IRA or solo 401K. I had both a Roth and regular IRA and converted both to new self directed plans. They thoroughly explained the differences and benefits between plans and directed me toward the best plan for the type of investment I was planning on making. It was a very easy process!”

-Pamela Graham

“I moved my IRA funds to IRA Financial Group because their program gives me checkbook control. I use my IRA for fix-up Real Estate. Checkbook control gives me the ability to pay Subs. quickly to get the best price. I have found IRA Group staff to be very responsive to questions and very professional. Not wanting to put my IRA in jeopardy, this is extreme helpful. They get a full 5-stars out of 5-stars from me!”

-Walt M.

“I was a bit nervous working with a company that I hadn't run across before but the whole process worked out great. Plenty of communication and explanations. Very happy with my experience using IRA Financial Group.”

-Troy Horton

“I found your organization very professional and helpful in setting up my plan. Thank you so much.”

-Manu Nanda

“Everything IRA Financial Group said they would do was done expertly, professionally, and timely. I have no complaints at all with this service.”

-Stacy J. Childs

“This is to commend the excellent support offered by Jean Scharfman on your team. Despite her clear instructions, I made a mistake that could have potentially cost me severely. But when I called to discuss/consult with Jean, I could sense the extent of my mistake and the urgency it warranted to fix. But I never felt the panic as she quickly jumped into action. She told me exactly what she would do and followed through. She made herself available and almost made me feel that day I was the only client she was working with. She helped me extricate myself from the ditch I had dug myself into. I will be eternally thankful to her for the calm but yet forceful way she managed it. If other people in the organization are as good as Jean, I will be happy to offer my endorsement to your organization.”


“Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all of your efforts on this transaction. I know I gave you all a tight time frame, but you absolutely performed. Adam, thanks for your help and advice on the matter. I'll make sure I send some people your way.”

-Tony Eelman

“If you're looking for professional assistance to help guide your own future with a self directed IRA, the IRA Financial Group is one of the best choices I know. After working with a local company I switched to IRA Financial and everything started working like I thought it should.”

-Jim McKinney

“I highly recommend IRA Financial Group to anyone who is considering opening a Self-Directed Check Book Retirement Account. Adam and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.”


“IRA Financial Group provided excellent service in setting up my Self Directed IRA. They answered all questions promptly and were clear in all responses. The entire process seems daunting at first but IRA Financial managed it professionally, ensuring I completely understood every step before acting.”


“My rep, Susan, was very responsive and I was able to set up my account in just 2 days. I know that probably is not the normal time table and I don't want to set up any false expectations, but it was very clear they knew what they were doing and were able to answer my questions immediately.”

-Mark Brandenburg

“Susan, thanks for your assistance. You are very efficient, attentive and competent. I look forward to doing more business with you.”


“IRA financial was great to work with, made what could have been tedious and complicated very easy.”

-Joseph Thompson

“I had a lot of questions and was unsure about opening up a self-directed IRA. Thankfully IRA Financial Group made the process incredibly smooth and answered every question I had. IRA Financial Group is professional, competent and very knowledgeable, everything you need when opening up a self-directed IRA. I highly recommend that you call IRA Financial Group if you are considering a self-directed IRA. Thanks again!”

-Michael P.

“The IRA Financial Group took the time to explain the differences between a Self-Directed IRA and a Solo 401k to me. The entire team I worked with was obviously experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Once I determined the best fit for what I was wanting to accomplish, the process was simple and expedient. I'm extremely satisfied with their service and happy that I decided to go with IRA Financial Group.”

-Lucia Hwang

“Process easy to understand, fast, efficient and everyone at IRA Financial Group were very helpful.”

-James Wells

“My husband & I both transferred traditional IRA assets into separate IRA LLC accounts through IRA Financial Group. So far, everything seems to have been completed in a timely and accurate manner. It's good to know there are professional CPAs and attorneys backing up all the necessary legal and tax documents and transactions. The administrative assistant we used was thoughtful and good-natured as well as knowledgeable.”


“I recently established a Self-Directed IRA LLC with IRA Financial Group. I did my homework and am thrilled that I chose this company. Their customer service has been outstanding! Each step in the process has been clearly outlined and every staff member has quickly responded to any question I have. I'm 100% satisfied to date.”

-Robin McLaughlin

“Great service right from the get-go through to the after-service. The introduction of what a Solo 401k is and how to use it through to getting it all set-up was seamless and very well supported. The only issue is the lack of Banks supporting Solo 401k's, but once connected with Wells Fargo everything has gone smoothly.”

-Mark Russell

“I was originally going to go with a cheaper solo 401k plan provider but ultimately decided to pay a little more for your great support. Needless to say I appreciate all your help.”

-Aaron Fisher

“First and foremost... Thank You. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with the efficient professional service you've given me. I was needing an expeditious account set-up so I could fund a business endeavor that was already behind schedule. Your "can do" attitude and diligence was instrumental in me being able to satisfy the financial commitment I made to my partners.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of your staff members for excellent customer service, Ravenna Maer. She has done an outstanding job of answering my questions and getting me the forms needed in a very timely manner. In today's world she stands out as a person that cares about her clients and does her best to satisfy their needs. Thank you.”

-Mel Mills

“The IRA Financial group is a thoroughly professional organization with a human touch. I would encourage anyone who is self-employed or runs a small business to check out their service.”

-Daniel Pels

“IRA Financial Group was invaluable in setting up my account. They explained all of the details involved with the process and made the entire evolution simple and efficient. If someone is considering a self-directed IRA, IRA Financial Group is the clear choice.”

-Michael Janas

“IRA Financial Group does a real good job setting up your SDI. They are very service orientated, and speedy, they are knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. I have been very happy with their service.”

-Mike Bommarito

“Thanks again for your prompt response to my W-9 question. You and your team continue to offer the same great support that I experienced when you set up my account a year ago. You have dramatically transformed how I manage my IRA. I am really pleased with how my self directed IRA works now that I'm working with IRA Financial Group. It's been a year and seventeen real estate lending transactions since I left my active trustee behind, and I haven't missed them for a minute! Since you set me up with a checkbook self directed IRA, my transactions take less of my time, I'm no longer paying expensive fees and waiting for a trustee to "expedite" my paperwork, and my borrowers are amazed at how fast I can respond to an investment opportunity. Thanks for making this a reality!”

-David Snyder

“Thank you so much for all of the help that you provided! The first property closed on Friday and I could not have done that without your help.”


“First of all I was pleased to work with such great Retirement Experts with A PLUS ratings. Very Professional and Knowledgeable especially Jean who let me know what was going on every step of the way. I will highly recommend this company to Family and Friends thank you.”

-Albert Castaneda

“The professionals at IRA Financial Group have been great to work with. They have been very responsive to all of my questions and clearly possess the legal and administrative expertise that I sought when I decided to establish a Solo 401K. I am referring friends and relatives to IRA Financial Group.”

-Phil Harrison

“My wife and I have been able to double our IRA funds using our self directed IRA owned LLC which we set up in 2010. Sure beats collecting less than 1% on IRA CDs! Thank you IRA Financial Group.”

-R Tucker Irizarry

“We set up our self directed IRA last December and have been very happy with the help we have received from everyone, especially Jean Scharfman. Jean has answered all of our questions in a very timely manner. We have purchased property in our checkbook IRA and and with the help of IRA Financial Group we feel confident that we are following the guidelines correctly. Thank you!”

-Doug and Paula Molin

“I truly appreciate your prompt, courteous and expert counsel. I will recommend IRA Financial Group to anyone considering forming a self-funded IRA.”


“Dear Adam and IRA Financial, Thank you very much for assisting me with setting up my Solo 401K. I have been making 12-15% inside the account while almost doubling my contributions yearly compared to the SEP IRA I used to have. Thank you again for your assistance.”

-Gary Burnham

“Everything was done very courteously and as efficiently as possible. I would recommend this company to my friends and family in the future.”

-Jane Nascone

“I appreciate the promptness and professional nature of this experience.”

-Dr. Chris Charlton, DC

“I found out about IRA Financial through a relative who was very satisfied with the service. The staff members I was in contact with were very professional. The process went quickly after the many questions I had were answered.”

-Kevin Greene

“The IRA Financial Group were really great to work with in setting up my solo 401k plan. I had a lot of questions throughout and many specific questions on how to properly transfer funds from an employer 401k that had both before and after tax contributions. They were very patient in answering all questions and getting back to me quickly. I would definitely recommend them to others that are trying to decide who to use for either a self-directed IRA or 401k plan. Thank you!”

-Connie Waring

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