IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

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IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

“IRA Financial Group was AMAZING to work with. They went above and beyond all of our expectations. We hit a few bumps in the road with the IRA rollover and the IRA Financial Group team was right there to help get everything worked out and to make sure that my rollover was done correctly and I was able to complete my real estate transaction. The IRA financial Group and specifically Jacky was always willing to answer any and all questions as fast as they could. I would and will definitely refer anyone to IRA Financial Group who is looking to establish a “checkbook control” self-directed IRA to purchase real estate.”

-Dr. Yusuf Mamdani, NJ

IRA Financial Group Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much! You and your team have made this a wonderful experience for us. We are very grateful for your step by step help. We have already shared our testimony with our family and friends!

I really appreciate all the links you shared and the reminders along the way. I am excited to start earning income from the rental and I know that the income will provide us with additional security in an uncertain economy! Thanks again for all your help, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

-The Padillas, CA

“I must say that my experience hiring IRA Financial Group and Rep. Ravenna Maer to handle my self-directed LLC was extraordinary and very professional. They work rapidly and hassle free. They communicate well and as often as I needed. Also, Ravenna Maer took the time to answer every question I had.

I highly recommend IRA Financial Group to everyone who is interested in IRA's.”

-Jose Domingez, FL

“At the beginning of 2014 I learned of an opportunity to invest in what would be a series of real estate, single-family home building projects with an excellent builder in New England who I knew well. However, all of the funds I wanted to invest via construction loans to the builder secured by promissory notes were in my Roth IRA account held by one of the major investment firms. When I began reading about options to do a self-directed IRA with checkbook control, I made contact with IRA Financial. Not only was it easy to work with the staff and the attorney assigned to me, the whole process was completed in a very short time and for a very reasonable total fee of $1,500, including setting up my LLC and my account with IRA Services Trust Company.

In short, setting up my self-directed Roth IRA with checkbook control has not only been very successful (two projects completed with closings in the first year) but it has been really easy. Being able to write checks for staged construction loans and then getting the principal and interest paid back into my LLC account when the projects closed has been an excellent experience. Thanks to IRA Financial for making this all work so well.”

-Hank Steenstra, VA

“Our experience has been great! My husband first heard of self directed IRA so that we could invest in property instead of stocks, but it has taken years to find the information we needed and the expertise to help us make this transition. Every personal phone contact has been wonderful. We had to work quickly to be able to close a cash real estate contract and IRA Financial Group's education in the rules applicable to IRA investments as well as an expedited formation of our LLC was exactly what we needed, when we needed it. I feel confident moving forward with their continued support. Thank you all, particularly Jacky Ospina in the Miami Office. For the first time I am excited to be active in retirement planning.”

-Audrey Lanae Waldrup, FL

“I have just set up a second self-directed plan with IRA FG. One is a 401(k) plan for my business, the other an IRA for my wife. I have nothing but good things to say. The entire process went smoothly in both cases, I received personal attention throughout, and any questions/queries have been promptly answered, both during the plan creation processes, and subsequently. Special shout out to Susan Glass: She's awesome!”

-Paul Luykx, NJ

“I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering changing to a self directed IRA or solo 401K. I had both a Roth and regular IRA and converted both to new self directed plans. They thoroughly explained the differences and benefits between plans and directed me toward the best plan for the type of investment I was planning on making. It was a very easy process!”

-Pamela Graham, TX

“I moved my IRA funds to IRA Financial Group because their program gives me checkbook control. I use my IRA for fix-up Real Estate. Checkbook control gives me the ability to pay Subs. quickly to get the best price. I have found IRA Group staff to be very responsive to questions and very professional. Not wanting to put my IRA in jeopardy, this is extreme helpful. They get a full 5-stars out of 5-stars from me!”

-Walt M., OH

“I was a bit nervous working with a company that I hadn't run across before but the whole process worked out great. Plenty of communication and explanations. Very happy with my experience using IRA Financial Group.”

-Troy Horton, GA

“I found your organization very professional and helpful in setting up my plan. Thank you so much.”

-Manu Nanda, FL

“Everything IRA Financial Group said they would do was done expertly, professionally, and timely. I have no complaints at all with this service.”

-Stacy J. Childs, CO

“This is to commend the excellent support offered by Jean Scharfman on your team. Despite her clear instructions, I made a mistake that could have potentially cost me severely. But when I called to discuss/consult with Jean, I could sense the extent of my mistake and the urgency it warranted to fix. But I never felt the panic as she quickly jumped into action. She told me exactly what she would do and followed through. She made herself available and almost made me feel that day I was the only client she was working with. She helped me extricate myself from the ditch I had dug myself into. I will be eternally thankful to her for the calm but yet forceful way she managed it. If other people in the organization are as good as Jean, I will be happy to offer my endorsement to your organization.”


“Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all of your efforts on this transaction. I know I gave you all a tight time frame, but you absolutely performed. Adam, thanks for your help and advice on the matter. I'll make sure I send some people your way.”

-Tony Eelman, FL

“If you're looking for professional assistance to help guide your own future with a self directed IRA, the IRA Financial Group is one of the best choices I know. After working with a local company I switched to IRA Financial and everything started working like I thought it should.”

-Jim McKinney

“I highly recommend IRA Financial Group to anyone who is considering opening a Self-Directed Check Book Retirement Account. Adam and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.”

-Tsui, PA

“IRA Financial Group provided excellent service in setting up my Self Directed IRA. They answered all questions promptly and were clear in all responses. The entire process seems daunting at first but IRA Financial managed it professionally, ensuring I completely understood every step before acting.”


“My rep, Susan, was very responsive and I was able to set up my account in just 2 days. I know that probably is not the normal time table and I don't want to set up any false expectations, but it was very clear they knew what they were doing and were able to answer my questions immediately.”

-Mark Brandenburg, WI

“Susan, thanks for your assistance. You are very efficient, attentive and competent. I look forward to doing more business with you.”


“IRA financial was great to work with, made what could have been tedious and complicated very easy.”

-Joseph Thompson, NJ

“I had a lot of questions and was unsure about opening up a self-directed IRA. Thankfully IRA Financial Group made the process incredibly smooth and answered every question I had. IRA Financial Group is professional, competent and very knowledgeable, everything you need when opening up a self-directed IRA. I highly recommend that you call IRA Financial Group if you are considering a self-directed IRA. Thanks again!”

-Michael P.

“The IRA Financial Group took the time to explain the differences between a Self-Directed IRA and a Solo 401k to me. The entire team I worked with was obviously experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Once I determined the best fit for what I was wanting to accomplish, the process was simple and expedient. I'm extremely satisfied with their service and happy that I decided to go with IRA Financial Group.”

-Lucia Hwang, TX

“Process easy to understand, fast, efficient and everyone at IRA Financial Group were very helpful.”

-James Wells, TX

“My husband & I both transferred traditional IRA assets into separate IRA LLC accounts through IRA Financial Group. So far, everything seems to have been completed in a timely and accurate manner. It's good to know there are professional CPAs and attorneys backing up all the necessary legal and tax documents and transactions. The administrative assistant we used was thoughtful and good-natured as well as knowledgeable.”


“I recently established a Self-Directed IRA LLC with IRA Financial Group. I did my homework and am thrilled that I chose this company. Their customer service has been outstanding! Each step in the process has been clearly outlined and every staff member has quickly responded to any question I have. I'm 100% satisfied to date.”

-Robin McLaughlin, MA

“Great service right from the get-go through to the after-service. The introduction of what a Solo 401k is and how to use it through to getting it all set-up was seamless and very well supported. The only issue is the lack of Banks supporting Solo 401k's, but once connected with Wells Fargo everything has gone smoothly.”

-Mark Russell, MS

“I was originally going to go with a cheaper solo 401k plan provider but ultimately decided to pay a little more for your great support. Needless to say I appreciate all your help.”

-Aaron Fisher, FL

“First and foremost... Thank You. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with the efficient professional service you've given me. I was needing an expeditious account set-up so I could fund a business endeavor that was already behind schedule. Your "can do" attitude and diligence was instrumental in me being able to satisfy the financial commitment I made to my partners.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of your staff members for excellent customer service, Ravenna Maer. She has done an outstanding job of answering my questions and getting me the forms needed in a very timely manner. In today's world she stands out as a person that cares about her clients and does her best to satisfy their needs. Thank you.”

-Mel Mills, OR

“The IRA Financial group is a thoroughly professional organization with a human touch. I would encourage anyone who is self-employed or runs a small business to check out their service.”

-Daniel Pels, IL

“IRA Financial Group was invaluable in setting up my account. They explained all of the details involved with the process and made the entire evolution simple and efficient. If someone is considering a self-directed IRA, IRA Financial Group is the clear choice.”

-Michael Janas, UT

“IRA Financial Group does a real good job setting up your SDI. They are very service orientated, and speedy, they are knowledgeable and can answer all your questions. I have been very happy with their service.”

-Mike Bommarito, MI

“Thanks again for your prompt response to my W-9 question. You and your team continue to offer the same great support that I experienced when you set up my account a year ago. You have dramatically transformed how I manage my IRA. I am really pleased with how my self directed IRA works now that I'm working with IRA Financial Group. It's been a year and seventeen real estate lending transactions since I left my active trustee behind, and I haven't missed them for a minute! Since you set me up with a checkbook self directed IRA, my transactions take less of my time, I'm no longer paying expensive fees and waiting for a trustee to "expedite" my paperwork, and my borrowers are amazed at how fast I can respond to an investment opportunity. Thanks for making this a reality!”

-David Snyder, OH

“Thank you so much for all of the help that you provided! The first property closed on Friday and I could not have done that without your help.”


“First of all I was pleased to work with such great Retirement Experts with A PLUS ratings. Very Professional and Knowledgeable especially Jean who let me know what was going on every step of the way. I will highly recommend this company to Family and Friends thank you.”

-Albert Castaneda, GA

“The professionals at IRA Financial Group have been great to work with. They have been very responsive to all of my questions and clearly possess the legal and administrative expertise that I sought when I decided to establish a Solo 401K. I am referring friends and relatives to IRA Financial Group.”

-Phil Harrison, MI

“My wife and I have been able to double our IRA funds using our self directed IRA owned LLC which we set up in 2010. Sure beats collecting less than 1% on IRA CDs! Thank you IRA Financial Group.”

-R Tucker Irizarry, CO

“We set up our self directed IRA last December and have been very happy with the help we have received from everyone, especially Jean Scharfman. Jean has answered all of our questions in a very timely manner. We have purchased property in our checkbook IRA and and with the help of IRA Financial Group we feel confident that we are following the guidelines correctly. Thank you!”

-Doug and Paula Molin, IN

“I truly appreciate your prompt, courteous and expert counsel. I will recommend IRA Financial Group to anyone considering forming a self-funded IRA.”


“Dear Adam and IRA Financial, Thank you very much for assisting me with setting up my Solo 401K. I have been making 12-15% inside the account while almost doubling my contributions yearly compared to the SEP IRA I used to have. Thank you again for your assistance.”

-Gary Burnham, CT

“Everything was done very courteously and as efficiently as possible. I would recommend this company to my friends and family in the future.”

-Jane Nascone, PA

“I appreciate the promptness and professional nature of this experience.”

-Dr. Chris Charlton, DC

“I found out about IRA Financial through a relative who was very satisfied with the service. The staff members I was in contact with were very professional. The process went quickly after the many questions I had were answered.”

-Kevin Greene, NY

“The IRA Financial Group were really great to work with in setting up my solo 401k plan. I had a lot of questions throughout and many specific questions on how to properly transfer funds from an employer 401k that had both before and after tax contributions. They were very patient in answering all questions and getting back to me quickly. I would definitely recommend them to others that are trying to decide who to use for either a self-directed IRA or 401k plan. Thank you!”

-Connie Waring, MN

“The service provided by IRA Financial Group was professional and very valuable to me.”

-Linda Rubottom, MO

“My professional experience in investing in IRA Financial Group was tremendous. The opportunity of meeting Adam Bergman combined with his thorough explanation of the process and the benefits of investing in the company was a very positive experience. He is extremely knowledgeable, insightful, approachable, and he is accessible responding to any issues or concerns I have had in setting up my LLC. Jean Scharfmann was very detail oriented, helpful, and professional in the creation of my LLC. She responded to my inquiries efficiently and effectively allowing me to have my LLC operational in a minimal amount of time. I was overall impressed with the company, and I am glad I invested in my future retirement with the IRA Financial Group. Thank you for a positive and rewarding experience!”

-Eric Sewell, FL

“I recently opened up a self-directed IRA with checkbook control using the IRA Financial Group. What a pleasant experience and what a great process they have in place to walk your through all the steps. The self-directed IRA was the perfect solution for making a real estate investment that is geared for a long term hold as rental property. All the rent goes into the IRA and all expenses are paid out of the IRA. This process will allow me to make anywhere between 8% to 10% growth each year. I could not be happier with my decision to use the IRA Financial Group. Thomas Tapanes was always responsive to my questions and stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process. He is a true asset to the IRA Financial Group team!! I have already recommended the IRA Financial Group to several co-workers and friends.”

-Rodney Murray, FL

“It's a great pleasure to have IRA Financial as a custodian for my SDIRA account. The application and set up process went very smoothly and painlessly. I feel confident that my money is in good hands.”

-Yvonne Untalan, OH

“I became tired of professional investors telling me it was a good idea to pay them to lose IRA money for me. I heard about self directed IRA's so I started looking into it. Bankers, accountants, and most attorneys knew nothing, told me checkbook control was not possible, so I found Adam Bergman, called him on a holiday and he answered the phone. I was skeptical, after all how could all those pros be wrong? Is this legal? I spent 3-4 months, calling/pestering Mr. Bergman asking questions. Honestly I was nervous, but he was always patient, courteous, professional, non-condescending, extremely timely in all my emails, phone calls and questions, it was like talking to a friend. I simply could not find a local professional to help me, they didn't know how. Adam told me what he would do and then he did it. Now some of the naysayers want to know how to do it... call Adam, he and his staff are true professionals.”


“I called IRA Financial in 2012 for information about how I can invest my own money and get out of the roller coaster stock market. They were very professional and explained all the dos and don'ts in detail and helped me set up the self directed 401k plan. Since then I have changed the plan and invested in real estate and this has worked out fantastic. Every time I have a question they are always very quick to respond with the correct answer every time.”

-Mark Coulter, CA

“I moved my Solo 401K to IRA Financial Group recently. I found the company to be very good/helpful in terms of the process, however, it was a little bumpy getting going since I'm not a total newbie to this investment and most recently had converted to a Solo 401k, but once I was able to get everyone to understand my situation and circumstances, all went well and I think we're all good for now.

I enjoyed speaking with the team members to get my account moved and look forward to having more conversations with the professionals at IRAFG in the future.”

-David Greenwald, CA

“I am so glad I found out about my self directed 401k plan through IRA Financial Group. They are very knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way.”

-Katie Quintero, CA

“Working with IRA Financial Group was a very pleasant experience. They made the process easy to understand and were there every step of the way. The fees were also very reasonable.”

-Rick Donnelly, MO

“Having previously established a Solo 401(k) plan with another provider, we found that provider was not responsive in a timely manner, nor helpful in providing advice regarding alternative investments such as real estate allowed within the plan. We looked at other providers to maintain our Solo 401(k) and found the IRA Financial Group. From our initial phone call to answer specific questions, the development of our Solo 401(k) plan documents, the formation of an LLC owned by the Solo 401(k) and ongoing consultations with Adam Bergman, we have found the IRA Financial Group to be exceptional in terms of responsiveness and the quality and thoroughness of both Solo 401(k) plan and LLC documents. Phone calls and email are returned the same day. We further appreciate that IRA Financial Group is staffed with knowledgeable attorneys and CPAs with expertise in retirement plans. We highly recommend Adam Bergman and his team.”

-John and Jan Quigley, CO

“I have very good experience with IRA Financial Group so far. They respond to my messages right away and provided good answers to any questions I had. Comparing to other companies I think they're the most reasonable.”

-Yang Xiao, IN

“Thank you, once again, Adam! I don't know what I would do without you. I am so grateful to God for your counsel.”

-Toya Tyler, CA

“The entire process of setting up this account was seamless. It immediately allowed me to invest retirement funds into a property. It should generate profits for my IRA. I was skeptical at first but now am confident that it was the right choice.”


“Just want to let you know that Jean has helped me got everything setup now and I can start investing via LLC using the IRA funds. She is very patient, gives me clear instructions, gets her end of works taken care of promptly, and with great patience to help walk me through the process.

I want to thank you for offering this great service that few others can do, and always available to patiently answer the many questions I had. I had really great experiences with everyone I've talked to from IRA Financial Group. I've recommended you to a good friend of mine, and she has lots of clients who need the exact services that you offer.”

-Alan Feng, TX

“I have had a great experience with IRA Financial Group. They have been very helpful through the entire process of setting up my account and any questions I have had afterwards.”

-Greg LeBlanc, MA

“After researching several companies offering SDIRA's, I chose IRA Financial Group to transition my investing from the standard 401k. I couldn't be happier! I was nervous about making the move as anyone would be, but IRA Financial Group made the transition as smooth as I could ever imagine. They walked me through everything and everyone of my questions along the way were answered promptly. After being set up, I had other legal and technical questions and they, again, didn't disappoint but instead confirmed that I had made the right choice in where I moved my money! I look forward to the coming years with having direct control over how and where my retirement money will be working.”

-Scott Holmes, TN

“Fantastic help from Byron and Fred!”

-Cris Zerriny, NJ

“The people we have talked to at IRA Financial have been very knowledgeable and professional. They didn't waste our time. Jean has been very helpful and making sure all the paperwork was completed and helped us avoid pitfalls. Thanks for helping us get our self-directed IRA set up.”

-Karen Duke, AL

“This is my first time working with IRA Financial. I am beyond impressed with the professionals that are employed there. Employees are extremely knowledgeable at all levels from the account specialist and the sales folks to the tax attorney. The fees for service are quite reasonable and there is a no pressure sales tactic that most folks will feel very comfortable with. As a former tax specialist I can attest to the know of the tax attorneys. They are extremely bright and happy to not only answer questions but provide alternative solutions. A special acknowledgment for Jean Scharfman and Stacey Sanders is duly noted for providing great service to my account and holding my hand during times of confusion. Their turnaround time for getting back to me was spectacular even during times when they were out of the office. To the extent a friend needed help with a self directed IRA ,I would recommend IRA Financial with complete confidence.”

-Michael Butko, PA

“Adam and his team did a fantastic job from the very beginning. It took me a month, and many hours, to vet the self-directed checkbook control real estate IRA structure, including vetting six different IRA facilitators. I was very nervous at times through the entire vetting process as my wife and I were about to move all of our IRA funds from the Wall Street dysfunction to rental real estate. The other facilitators were either pushy sales types, didn't respond to questions, or were clearly incompetent. Adam was none of these things.

I am a retired CPA and have worked with a number of tax attorneys in my career and Adam is right up there at the top in competency and ethics. He also was always very prompt in answering my questions and never made me feel like I was bothering him - and I had a lot of questions. He even responded to emails I sent at night and Sundays on those same days!

Thomas Tapanes was outstanding in guiding me through the entire IRA/LLC set-up process and expedited things when needed. I am very happy and would recommend Adam, his team, and IRA Financial Group to anyone who asks about setting up a self-directed IRA with LLC checkbook control.”

-Ken Ward, OR

“Knowledgeable staff. Prompt and courteous service.  I would highly recommend IRA Financial Group.  I opened a solo 401k.  The process start to finish was about a week and only took a few hours of my time.  They were very helpful and explaining my options and they took care of most of the paperwork making it quick and easy for me. Thanks IRA Financial !!!”

-Zachary Zurich

“We closed on a real estate deal today through our IRA/LLC structure. At the closing our realtor expressed a real interest in investing her own IRA money in real estate. I told her I could save her a ton of time and work by referring them to you. Adam and Thomas Tapanes have been fantastic to work with the entire process.”

-Ken Ward

“I would like to thank the IRA group that worked with me to build my solo 401K and build my understanding of the rules and requirements. Special thanks to Adam, Fred and Hillary in building my understanding.”

-Larry Gibson, NE

“I really enjoyed working with Ira financial group staff. Everyone was so helpful with this business legal entity. I believe I made the right choice by hiring and working with Ira financial group. I looked into other 401k solo plans with other companies and I am satisfied with my choice except for the 199.00 one other company charged 139.00. My girlfriend Tammy I will ask her to allow you guys to set up her 401k solo. I will recommend your service to friends and family. I look forward to many years of service and tax filing service. I just need to know when your service is available to me. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!”

-Mr. Anthony S. Daniel, NC

“Great service during and after the setup process.”

-Billy H. Whitaker, TX

“I am more than satisfied with the competence and service provided. I checked out several and am happy with my choice.”

-Ed Verburg, AZ

“Thank you for your help and professional attention, the process was easy and I'm happy with the results. After searching online I was glad I found your company.”

-Terry Samuels, AZ

“I researched the idea of a self directed IRA long and hard before making the decision to move forward. IRA Financial Group was the first Custodian that I felt comfortable enough to entrust them with my retirement accounts.

I surveyed several service providers prior to making my decision and none beat IRA Financial Group on their level of professionalism, knowledge, responsiveness, and price.

I look forward to growing my retirement assets with IRA Financial Group for many years to come.”

-Moshe Billet, NY

“I had gradually been drawn toward putting 40% of my retirement savings into a Check Book Self Directed IRA. I read Adam Bergman's book on "why you should want" one and, naturally, contacted IRA Financial when I wanted to "pull the trigger" last fall. The process for me was virtually painless. It's not that the creation of the account was instant, but Thomas Tapanes, the facilitator assigned to me, "held my hand" the whole way. Instructions were absolutely clear, questions were immediately answered and issues that could be resolved by him were taken care of. I give IRA Financial 10 out of 10 stars. As such, they have my total confidence and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone wanting to establish a Check Book Self Directed IRA.”

-Edward White, MD

“I was referred to Adam Bergman and his IRA Financial Group by a colleague, and it only took a few days from my initial phone conversation until Enrique Estrada, the associate assigned to work with me, sent me the fully drafted set of documents to establish my Solo 401(k) plan.  Each of the few folks I interacted with were professional, knowledgeable and personable, explaining the very efficient process to me in plain language.  I would urge anyone considering taking control of their retirement funds to reach out to IRA Financial Group; you won't be sorry you did.”

-Jack Cruikshank, CA

“Thank you so much for all of your help. It was great to have someone to contact with all of our questions. Look forward to being able to tap into your knowledge and experience in the future!”

-Marilyn Anthony, OR

“Thank you for your help. I found the service both fast and friendly and had all the help I needed every step of the way. Distinguish service I would recommend to anyone.”

-David Tipton, IN

“This is the second self directed account I have set with IRA Financial Group.  They are always timely with any questions I may have and provide excellent advise when requested.”

-Mitch Kinder, MO

“I found IRA Financial Group services to be professional and complete.  Bryon was very helpful and Adam Bergman was personally very responsive to important tax questions I had.”

-Craig Leigh, MD

“I am very pleased with IRA Financial Group, especially Ravenna Maer.  She was very professional and answered all my questions (even the "stupid" ones).  I couldn't have done everything without her.  She guided me through the entire process and helped me whenever I needed it. I'm still learning every day and am so happy I have IRA Financial Group and Ravenna on my team!!!”

-Julie Adkins, TX

“Enrique provided amazing customer service and was a pleasure to work with. He knew all the ins & outs and helped me get my account set up.”

-A. Wiseley, D.C.

“I have been extremely pleased in working with Fred Horner, Sara Yakobovitch, and Stacy Sanders for their quick responses to questions and completion of documents. It has been a great experience.”

-Lynn Giles

“In establishing my checkbook self directed IRA thru IRA Financial Group, Miami Fl. office, I dealt with Ms. Jennifer Dann , Self Directed Retirement Specialist. I found Ms. Dann very helpful and informative and most of all always responding quasi immediately to my phone calls or e-mail inquiries, as well as updating me on a timely basis as to the progress of getting my acct. established. I appreciate Ms. Dann's very accommodating assistance.”

-Heinz Schutz, FL

“My husband and I started IRA LLCs for each of us nearly 6 years ago thru IRA Financial Group. Recently we added two Roth IRA LLCs. I am impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the staff and in the way they have guided us each time thru a complicated process. Frankly, they do terrific work and we relied on it with total confidence. I can highly recommend IRA Financial Group to anyone.”

-Elaine Jungk, IL

“When I decided to look into a Self-Directed IRA, I did a lot of research, talked to several investors and after careful review, I selected the IRA Financial Group. They have exceeded my expectations at every turn.  The process was personable, easy and quick.  My IRA was set up in less than 3 weeks (with normal processing).  My assigned representative was very responsive and most helpful.  I highly recommend using IRA Financial Group for your Self-Directed IRA.”

-Tim Deaver, VA

“I have worked closely with Byron Rivadeneira over the past several months.  It was a big step for me to take my life savings managed by someone else in my 401k and go in a completely different direction with a self directed IRA. Byron alleviated all my concerns with his knowledge, easy accessibility, prompt responses and attention to detail. He gave me the confidence I needed to make a successful transition, and it was so much easier than I expected.  I now have a rental property that I manage within my IRA, and it's been much more successful than anything any financial planner has ever done for me. Thanks Byron, and thanks IRA Financial Group!”

-John Jones, AZ

“IRA Financial Group made it easy to set up my self directed checkbook IRA. Ravenna worked with me every step of the way to get it set up quickly so I could start investing.”

-Josh Ross, OH

“Byron Rivadeneira at IRA Financial helped me set up my self directed IRA.  I'm pleased to sat he was very helpful and understanding.  He was on top of matters and did everything promptly and efficiently.   It was a pleasant experience working with him.  I honestly recommend him very highly.”

-Lyle Matsuo, HI

“I was happy with the knowledge of IRA Financial Group and feel that they are very professional and that they know all about the Self Directed Retirement Trusts.  I found them on the internet and was unsure at first but they worked out to be a very good source of information.  I highly recommend this company.”

-Joyce Barnett, CA

“My IRA was an ease to setup with the professional guidance of Adam and Jennifer. They each are very knowledgeable and easy to get assistance from.”

-Terry Wedding, GA

“The people I worked with were wonderful. They worked with me to help me find and set up my Solo 401 K account. I had the greatest experience with Ravenna and other(s). I do not remember everyone's names, but you know who you are. The help that they provided for me through this arduous process was much appreciated. I was told by other companies that this is not a possible program. Despite having the program explained by Ravenna to the other companies. She did not give up for me. She was very understanding and provided much support. She kept providing and giving me different people to speak with until I found someone to work with. Thank you for all of your help.”

-Tammy Sorendo, NC

“We were kind of nervous at the beginning because we didn't have much information about the IRA programs but from the moment we started dealing with you we were confident that you were guiding us the right direction.

We seldom encounter such good service, in general people take days to respond to e-mails or phone calls, you were prompt in responding to our e-mails and phone calls and expedited the IRA structure efficiently.

Thank you again for the great service and be sure that we will recommend the IRA Financial Group to friends and relatives.”

-Graciela “Chela” Gandarilla, FL

“Jennifer Dann has been fantastic.  She gave clear and prompt instructions and answers to my questions. It is a pleasure to deal with individuals of this professional caliber.”

-Ronald D Connor, FL


-Tim Maloney, MO

“From start to finish I received very detailed and comprehensive instructions with were easy to understand and easy to follow. Bryan, the Self-Directed IRA Retirement Specialist assigned to me, was easy to reach and provided immediate answers to the few follow up questions I had.

It was a refreshing, very professional and smooth experience to get my Self-Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control setup with IRA Financial Group.”

-Robert Hofstetter, FL

“I cannot thank IRA Financial enough for making the solo 401K setup so easy. Though all of the IRA Financial employees were helpful, Ravenna Maer was consistently outstanding throughout the process. Not even once did she express frustration or irritation in helping me with details that are remedial yet can be taxing for the newbie solo 401 participant. Setting up a solo 401K at IRA Financial is such a great value that I won't even mention other companies when telling my friends about the solo 401K process. I feel like I'm part of a very close-knit family. I was so impressed that I would be willing to don a cheerleader outfit and yell: Three Cheers for IRA Financial!”

-Edward Onofrio, AZ

“IRA Financial was such a great help in opening a Self Directed IRA for us to make an investment in real estate.  I don't think I could have completed this task without them and the help of Jennifer D.  She was so knowledge and was always there to answer any questions, big or small, when I needed.  I would, without doubt, recommend them for their service.  Thank you Jennifer D, you were amazing.”

-Betty, CA

“Lost in how I was going to make alternative investments part of my retirement plan, being cryptocurrencies in my case, I was lucky to come across an article written by IRA Financial Group's founder, and I promptly reached out. IRA Financial Group was very helpful in explaining every detail on what to do and why it needs to be done during the process of setting up my solo 401k and self directed IRA. Not to mention that I was on a tight deadline for my self directed IRA and they made sure my package was prioritized leaving me 5 days of buffer time. I look forward to working with IRA Financial Group for years to come!”

-Miguel Jauregui, CA

“Great experience and very professional. Jennifer Dean was very responsive and guided me through the process.”

-Velvet Campbell, TX

“Just wanted to compliment IRA Financial Group for making the whole process very efficient and transparent.   Everyone I spoke with was very educated on setting up my solo 401k.”

-Dave K., IN

“Set up of solo 401k was quick and easy!  Responses to my questions were same day usually so I was able to set up quickly. I would recommend IRA Financial to friends & family.”

-Suzanne Edmonston, CA

“After researching various companies online, I decided to use IRA Financial Group to setup a self-directed IRA (checkbook control).  From my first call to them through the whole process to setup the self-directed IRA, the staff of IRA Financial Group was very knowledgeable and very responsive.  I was impressed through the whole process of how organized the IRA Financial Group on each and every step.  They made my efforts very easy through the organization.  I highly recommend IRA Financial Group.”

-Stephen Dorman, TX

“Jennifer Dann is a was incredibly prompt throughout the process of establishing my account. She answered questions with great knowledge and clarity and made the entire experience clear and straightforward.”

-Andrea E James, TX

“IRA Financial Group made the process fairly easy and straightforward. Lots of paperwork, but they completed, and I just had to sign. They walked me through each step in the process. Thanks!”

-Dean Schear, NM

“This is just a short note to let you know how pleased I’ve been with the financial results I’ve gotten using the self-directed IRA LLC that you helped me set up seven years ago.  My first investment was a hard-money loan to a colleague of mine who was short on cash but had equity in a commercial building that he owned.  Using my self-directed IRA LLC, I loaned him a couple of hundred thousand dollars at 8.8% interest, secured by a first-position mortgage on his building which was worth roughly twice that amount.  Over the course of the five years that I held the note, I earned approximately $85,000 in interest payments.  After he paid off the loan, I subsequently invested part of this money into a couple of real estate syndicates which own cash-flowing properties in Alabama and Ohio; these yield about 10-12% annually, with upside potential when they are sold.  I have also made another hard-money loan (again, secured by equity in real estate) to another colleague of mine which pays 12% annual interest.  By using my self-directed IRA LLC, I have grown my retirement portfolio dramatically in the last seven years, legally deferring taxes along the way (which is a beautiful thing!)  Thanks again for the guidance that you and IRA Financial Group have provided me through the years.”

-John Potochnik, KS

“Thank you, Jennifer, for helping me and my family create our Self-Directed IRA.  Your support was tremendous and invaluable.  We could not have done it without you!”


“Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me to establish a check book controlled self directed IRA.  Luckily, your firm was the first name that came up when I did a search on the internet for a firm that works with clients to help them with their investment goals.  I had an investment opportunity, but needed to use IRA funds to do this, and the self directed IRA was perfect for this.  I was totally impressed with each individual at your firm that I had the pleasure of interacting with.  Each individual was of the utmost in professionalism and refreshingly different from the mediocrity that describes most businesses out there these days.  All of my communications and questions were answered in a very timely manner and I was left with the feeling I really selected the best entity I could possibly find to help me with the expertise I needed.  Thank you again for all your help. I would enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone in need of those I sought.”

-Mark J. Seguin, GA

“Sara Yakobovitch was instrumental is processing and creating my SDIRA.  She was responsive during each step of the process and made suggestions to help meet my timeline.  Sara was consistently professional under stressful client conditions.  I appreciated her follow through after the LLC was created.  I would highly recommend IRA Financial Group to family and friends.”

-Linda Jerome, TX

“Everyone I dealt with at IRA Financial Group was very professional, helpful and courteous. It was a pleasure doing business with them.  I will send everyone I know their way if or when they are looking for a Solo 401k.”

-Peter Bielek, DE

“I have been an active investor for more than 40 years -- and over the past year I have spent a considerable amount of time researching Self-Directed Checkbook Controlled Roth IRA's at numerous investment conferences I attend and with various tax and investment experts too.  I am very pleased in my decision to have IRA Financial Group establish my new account... I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest, transparent and affordable throughout the whole process.  Additionally, they have provided me with excellent support and service after the establishment of my account and they continue to be a pleasure to work with.”

-Joseph B. Baker, CA

“Worked with Jennifer Dann, and she was great. The process was quick. She is quite knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions even when I didn't articulate them well. Jennifer was very patient with me and my ignorance of the process and functionality of the product. Thanks Jennifer. I am looking forward to continue working with you and the rest of the crew.”

-Courtney S. Murray, FL

“The IRA Financial Group helped walk me through the Solo 401(k) process and were there for any questions or concerns I had from rolling over money from a former 401(k) account and setting up a new business account.  Great product and support!”

-Scott, TX

“We want to thank the entire team at IRA Financial Group for all their effort and guidance. Mrs. Sara Yakobovitch is a true professional and she guided us thru the entire process (set-up) with such ease like clockwork. Mrs. Yakobovitch never lost the rhythm. My wife and I did extensive research for over 1 year and finally decided that IRA Financial Group should be the company to help us get our self-directed LLC established. I am glad and we thank God that we made the right choice.”

-Jesse and Frances Corrales, NV

“We were very pleased with IRA Financial Group's service and support; they held our hand through the entire process and gave us all the advice we needed.”

-Alexia Bowers, PA

“IRA Financial Group walked me through every step of setting up my self-directed IRA LLC, and the tax advice call they included in the price was incredibly helpful and averted some potentially costly mistakes I was about to make.  I'm very pleased with the service and advice.”

-Brian Robertson, PA

“Great service!”

-Shamica Tucker, GA

“I want to congratulate you on having developed a process with IRA Financial Group and IRA Financial Trust that is part and parcel of the "American Dream." 

I am a 62 year old physician originally from Montana who is at this point in life a conservative investor. I discovered the "self directed IRA opportunity" several years ago and have been using the Bank of Utah for my investments.  They were great people but charged .6% of the total investment per year so for $400,000 that amounted to $2,400 a year.  I began to search and found out about you by doing an on-line search.  My contact was a gentleman in New York.  He referred me to Stacy and Julissa.  My wife and I are just investing in some simple residential real estate but which will certainly acrue more value then we can get in CD's. 

I just want you to have the feed back that your organization at every level was very professional and worked hard to make things work.  Julissa and I could not get the documents all transmitted by email for some mysterious reason but she was willing to Fed EX the hard copies and we got everything done.  Not only that we had a closing date on a property we were trying to meet and Julissa and Sam went far beyond average performance to make the deadline.  You should be very proud of the work you are doing helping average folks like my family achieve the "American Dream" in managing our own retirement funds.  You have assembled a team of incredible people who are industrious, innovative, thoughtful, intelligent, persevering, kind, and compassionate.

Congratulations to you all.”

-Dale and Debra Hoekema

“IRA Financial Group was very helpful and easy to deal with in setting up a self-directed IRA for me, a beginner. I could completely trust their timely and helpful advice and assistance which helped me make informed decisions.”

-Brian Harlow - Manager, Pater Familias LLC, RI

“First things First.. I have to tell you how pleased we are with the services of your office IRA Financial and especially Enrique Estrada.. He has been incredibly responsive to our issues in setting up the new “C” Corp with the ROBS 401K funds.”

-Wes Fritz - General Ins. Agency Inc.

“Very easy and supportive process.”

-Ken Hammaker, GA

“I contacted more nine IRA product providers before I happened upon IRA Financial Group. I was astounded to find myself talking to one of the owners and senior managers, a widely-published authority on IRAs. The process was straightforward, the fee very competitive.  As a tax advisor, I have confidence IRA Financial Group will be there to keep my plans active an compliant. Thank you!”

-John Mohr, ME

“These guys did a great job -- I am very skeptical to send my hard earned funds to someone I have never met in person but they kept me informed the entire time and worked through any issues that came up. Would certainly recommend them to any self directed IRA holder.”

-Smith Wycoff, OK

“I'm beyond pleased with having my self-directed IRA in your teams capable hands.  In a few short months, it's already proving to be a solid retirement investment vehicle.  The fees are insignificant compared to the value.  Many thanks and well wishes for the happiest of holidays to you and yours.”

-Ann M. Clements, IL

“My wife and I have decided to take control of our own IRAs. Using IRA Financial Group has been very simple. Our account manager is very accessible and responsive. The service received compared to the price paid is very good.”

-William Davis, OR

“My experience with IRA Financial Group has been  excellent. From the start they were prompt to answer calls and emails, answer questions and follow through at every step of the set up of my account. They are professional, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of providing excellent service. I highly recommend IRA Financial Group!”

-Tina Hanssen, ID

“Before contacting IRA Financial Group, I conducted an extensive market research on Solo 401K providers. From the initial phone call, I was impressed with the professionalism, the wealth of information provided, the caliber of services and companies they are affiliated with.

I personally thank Jennifer Dann for making the application process go so smoothly, for the prompt assistance on the immense amount of questions I had, for her commitment to make sure I clearly understood every answer, and for the one-on-one dedicated attention provided.

In addition, I commend the firm for the technically advanced and secured process they have in place for the transfer of documents and payments processing.

And, lastly, for offering compliance service and in house tax CPA advise included with the yearly fee.

I'm one very satisfied customer. I can safely say, the time I spent doing market research truly paid off!”

-Angie Amirizadeh, FL

“The process of setting up my self-directed IRA was quick and painless. There were a lot of forms to be completed, but the customer service at IRA Financial Group is great and they are very quick to respond. I was able to complete my set up quickly and get my funds transferred very quickly even though I opened the account during the holiday season. Thanks!”

-Christy, VA

“So far, so good.  Funds were transferred on time into my LLC checking account despite the pending hurricane.”

-John J. Distefano, NY

“Dear Stacey, Adam and Enrique,

You all were on my mind late last night after I was informed the bank transferred the Money to the Seller of our Insurance Agency on my behalf.

Not sure if you all realize this but without the IRA Financial Team.. My life long dream of owning this Insurance Agency would not be possible.

From the first moment I spoke to Adam, or Enrique or yourself I had the confidence in IRA Financial this could happen. made yourselves available to the Banking Attorneys immediately.

You helped my wife and I put together a very large Transaction using the funds in our 401K to do this.... You did it professionally and completely and very quickly.

We are very GRATEFUL this was done and to make new friends at the same time.  Im also anxious to pass your names and phone numbers around to those that may need it.  I want you to feel comfortable to use my name and phone number anytime as a referral to anyone who thinks they may want to use their 401K in the same way we did.”

-Wes, General Ins. Agency Inc.

“Thomas Tapanes was very helpful and professional. Emails and questions were answered quickly and he made the process very easy! Thank you for the great service!”

-Amy House, IN

“This was quite a difficult process that IRA Financial made easy for me and my new company.”

-Wes Fritz, NJ

“IRA Financial Group made it so simple to setup a self-directed 401(k).  I knew I should've created the 401(k) a long time ago, but there's a lot of information available on the web - in fact too much to assimilate.  IRA Financial Group provided clear, concise, step-by-step details which made the process a breeze.  I wouldn't hesitate to do use their service again.”

-Joshua, HI

“I couldn't be any more satisfied than with the outstanding service and guidance given to me by Jennifer Dann of IRA FINANCIAL!  She is professional, very patient and quick to respond.... and always helpful!  She is a true asset to the organization and should be a highly valued component of your group!”

-Ken Malian, NJ

“My corporate marketing role was eliminated after 15 years.  It gave me the idea to finally start working for myself.  But then fear set in and for weeks I felt paralyzed.  I didn't know how to make it happen.  The professionals at IRA Financial Group helped me take the leap of faith I needed and now I'm operating and feeling so confident backed by a strong support network at IRA Financial Group.  It's so worth the investment.”

-Tekisha Boone, MN

“My needs certainly required service above and beyond normal expectations and IRA Financial Group delivered!  I needed to set up a Self-Directed IRA Coverdell with Checkbook control for my daughter before her 18th birthday, which was just days away.  IRA Financial Group pulled off the unlikely and I couldn't be more thankful.  I'm recommending them to all my friends and family!”

-Neil Palmquist, NY

“Setting up my Checkbook IRA LLC could not have been easier. The turnaround was fast, questions were answered promptly.”

-Stefan Schwartz, WA

“I want you to know how pleased I was with my recent business transaction I had with your company and specifically with Ravenna Maer.  Ms. Maer was the point person on the creation of my Self-Directed IRA Limited Liability Company.  Not only was she quick in the creation of my Operating Agreement she was most helpful in answering every question I had during (and now following) the process.  I truly appreciate her work and would sincerely recommend her to anyone doing a similar transaction.  Thank you.”

-Michael Tavel, IN

“I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism provided by the IRA Financial Group. I don't think you can find a better firm to handled Self Directed IRA accounts. Keep up the great work and I will always do business with you.”

-Owen Stewart, TX

“IRA Financial Group made getting my self-directed IRA set up an easy process. Would recommend to anyone looking to set one up.”

-Rachel Henry, IN

“I am very impressed with IRA Financial Group. The paperwork was flawless and easy to follow. Walter was great at answering all of my questions and processed my application quickly. I am so glad I went with this company! I really feel like they have my back in what is a complicated process. Thank you.”

-David M Somerville, AZ

“It was real easy to setup and it was really easy to get in touch with the attorneys to ask questions about setting it up. Thank you all again as I can use my 401k for my real estate business.”

-Jared "Cy" Bornes, VA

“I absolutely LOVE IRA Financial Group. This company made transferring my 401K from a previous employer easy. They have knowledgeable staff that ensures you are well informed throughout the entire process. In addition, they are available for question or concerns if something arises. I definitely recommend their services - you won't regret it.”

-Sharee Coffman, MO

“Thomas Tapanes and the entire team at IRA Financial Group did a fantastic job guiding me through the process of setting up my self-directed IRA. From communication to follow up I felt confident and assured that everything was properly taken care of and that they were looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend Thomas and the IRA Financial Group.”

-Lauren Krumpack, OH

“I decided to roll over my 401k from my previous employer into a self directed IRA LLC with checkbook control. I have not regretted my decision! IRA Financial Group made the process simple. Lots of forms to fill out, but not difficult by any means. Very helpful agents and staff when I had questions on anything. This IRA setup is the perfect solution to invest in Cryptocurrency, real estate, etc. without having to worry about capital gains and painful taxes every year!!”

-Caleb Mickelson, ND

“I had no clue once I was in the process of obtaining a Solo 401k.  I started to do research, and in my research process I came upon IRA Financial Group.  I read several testimonies and was satisfied, but when I made the call to IRA Financial Group I became a highly satisfied customer, wanting to purchase my Solo 401k through the organization & did purchase.  Thank You very much for helping me with my Solo 401k and your patience!”

-Carla H., SC

“IRA Financial Group has made opening a Self-Directed IRA so simple and easy. Thanks to Betty Gomez for taking time and being so patient to explain and guide me through every step of the process. Wonderful experience throughout the whole process and also with the ongoing support that I receive.”

-Vivian De Sousa, IN

“Working with IRA Financial Group has been extremely easy.  Everyone I have contacted in the company has been great to work with and extremely helpful.  Any questions that I have, are quickly answered.  They walk you through the entire process and make it as straight forward as possible.  Their follow up service, has been just as superb. Once the entity was formed, their service and expertise does not end there.  Questions are bound to come up as to what is allowable, and they have been excellent at answering my questions.  I would highly recommend them (and I have) to anyone looking to form a self directed IRA.”


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