Will I pay more tax if my business is set-up as a C Corporation?

In general, a C corporation can be used to split the corporate profits amongst the owners and the corporation. This can result in overall tax savings. The tax rate for a corporation is usually less than that for an individual, especially for the first $50,000 of taxable income. In addition, a C Corporation can deduct the cost of business expenses, such as salary, thus, further reducing the company’s taxable income. For example, the operators of the corporation may withdraw reasonable salaries, which are deductible by the corporation. These salaries are therefore free from tax at the corporate level (though the recipients will have to pay income tax, and both recipients and the business will have to pay FICA tax, on them). In some cases, the entire net profit of a C Corporation may be offset by salaries to the shareholders, so that no corporate income tax is due.

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