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Tag: Ira Roth

The Two Types of IRA’S

Sometimes, navigating through the different types of retirement accounts can really be confusing because there is so much information about retirement accounts. In most instances, an individual will only have knowledge of the retirement accounts that are offered to them by their employers, which may be a 401K or a pension. These accounts are generally managed by a third-party administrator; although you are able choose which investment vehicles you want to invest your pre-tax dollars in, once you make that choice, you are stuck with it. This is not to say that 401Ks should not be invested into because if there is a company match then it would behoove you to take advantage of free money; however, just with any other investment it is always a good idea to diversify. A self directed IRA is an excellent way to manage your retirement dollars because you can choose whichever investment vehicles you would like to invest it, from real estate to raw land to high risk stocks.