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Solo 401(k) Annual Compliance Service

IRS tax rules and guidelines change annually. IRA Financial ensures your plan documents are updated and that your self-directed structure remains compliant and respected by the IRS. We offer Basic and Premium annual consulting services.

$199 $500
Solo 401(k) plan document updates as required by law
IRS plan restatements
Unlimited Solo 401(k) plan tax and consulting services for 12 months from date of invoice
Support with questions on IRS Form 5500-EZ
Access to special podcasts, videos, and articles
One-on-one Solo 401(k) plan consulting with Adam Bergman, Esq.
One-on-one assistance with preparation of IRS Form 5500-EZ
Free copies of self-directed retirement books by Adam Bergman
Filing of IRS Form 1099-R
Access to exclusive webinars
Guidance with IRS audits

IRA Financial Annual Compliance Fee

$199 Solo 401(k) Annual Compliance Fee

The payment link will take you to a secure page where you can pay the annual compliance fee of just $199, which will ensure that your Solo 401(k) plan remains IRS compliant and that you can continue consulting with our in-house tax attorneys and CPAs.

This fee can be paid using Solo 401(k) plan funds or with business funds, which would be tax deductible.

IRA Financial’s Support

It is vital that your qualified retirement Solo 401(k) plan stay up to date and in full IRS compliance in order for your plan to be respected by the IRS. Every few years, the IRS updates the plan documents with new provisions that reflect changes in the law. Your Solo 401(k) plan documents will also need to be revised in order to reflect the new tax law changes.

By paying the annual Solo 401(k) plan compliance fee, you will receive the following:

  • Updated 401(k) plan documents from IRS in the case of change in law
  • Free tax support on your Solo 401(k) Plan from in-house tax professionals & CPAs
  • Free tax consultation of “Disqualified Person” and “Prohibited Transaction” Rules from in-house tax professionals & CPAs
  • Free tax consultation on the UBTI and UDFI rules from in-house tax professionals & CPAs
  • Free consultation with in-house CPAs on IRS Form 5500-EZ
  • Assistance with preparation and filing of IRS Form 5500-EZ
  • Assistance with filing IRS Form 1099-R
  • Solo 401(k) contribution rules, distribution rules, and loan support
  • Optional Solo 401(k) Plan record-keeping services
  • Guaranteed IRS audit protection

We appreciate your relationship with the IRA Financial Group and look forward to continue working with you. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.