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Information Kits

Our information kits have been updated for 2022! Fill out the form and you’ll be re-directed to a download link.

Self-Directed IRA Info Kit

Self-Directed IRA

Guide to directing your investments.

    Solo 401(k) Info Kit

    Solo 401(k)

    The best plan for the self-employed.

      ROBS Solution Info Kit

      ROBS Solution

      Use retirement funds to buy a business.

        Crypto Info Kit


        Invest in cryptos with retirement funds.


          Solo 401(k) Max Contribution

          The amount that can be contributed to a Solo 401(k) plan is based on whether your business is taxed as a corporation and you receive a W-2 or if you are taxed as an LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

          Solo 401(k) Loan

          Solo 401(k) participants can take a loan from their plan if it is permitted in the business’s Solo 401(k) documents. A loan is permitted at any time using the accumulated balance of the Solo 401(k) as collateral.

          IRA Roth Contributions

          The primary advantage of using a Self-Directed Roth IRA over a traditional IRA is that all income and gains grow tax free and will not be subject to tax upon withdrawal or distribution at age 59 1/2.

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