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Relax And Recharge

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Feeling like you have the time and freedom to relax and recharge can be such a great gift to yourself.

Key Points
  • Letting go of stress can make your summer better
  • Connecting with nature can make a world of difference
  • Both your body and mind need time to recharge

Heading Into Summer

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is coming! And after the effects of the pandemic, the social unrest, and the political differences prevalent in the country, everyone could use a break. There are a lot of ways for people to relax and let themselves breathe a little. And breathwork is one of them.

Take a deep breath, outside, and put your toes in the dirt or sand. Really connect to the Earth. You can bring a beverages, adult or not, and give yourself a little bit of time to feel the movement of the air on your skin, or to listen to a cicada or bumblebee hum. Tune your body into nature and try to connect with it however you best feel pulled to do so.

While you’re exploring nature, don’t forget to put your phone down. It can be nice to walk and grab a lot of pictures, but you end up seeing things in the world through a lens. Use your five sense as you walk through nature, and really experience the heat coming off the leaves, or the dirt strewing across the pathways.

Relaxing Your Mind

After you’ve breathed deeply and embraced nature, you’ll be feeling more relaxed in body. This is because you’re listening to your physical self and can finally hear it. Then, take some time to relax and recharge your mind as well.

Listen to a soothing playlist, filled with whatever beats make you most happy. Try to avoid any music that makes you unhappy or agitated, as this isn’t the time for it. There are playlists available for relaxing and really letting your mind find some space of its own.

Do you meditate? It’s wonderful trying to do so, and can be especially powerful if done outside in nature, too. Let your thoughts stream past and try hard not to focus on them. Meditation doesn’t have to only be sitting still, though. Getting your hands dirty planting vegetables and flowers, can make you feel connected to the soul of the planet.

Recharging Your Life

It’s important to take a moment and reevaluate your life when you’re in a quiet, contemplative space. It makes a difference when you are at peace. As the saying goes, “you can’t see your reflection in boiling water.” When you are fully present and at ease, you will find a way to clarity.

The peace you find may tell you that you hate your job and want to find something new. Or that you are actually quite interested in the publishing business and want to learn more about starting your own publishing house. Maybe you feel like you want to get healthier by planting a garden and eating what you grow. Maybe you’re super interested in Bitcoin, and wonder how mining works. So many things can come to you when you allow your self to feel at ease.

As the summer is normally a time to wind down, you are often able to find a bit of peace during it. Whether you’re dipping your toes in water, hiking through the hills, fishing on a lake, or even walking along a trail, you can find peace in your soul and relax and recharge both your physical and mental existence.

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