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Spending Time Alone

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If you’re spending time alone by yourself this summer, make sure you schedule self-care as part of your routine.

Key Points
  • Self-care means you can care for others in a better way
  • Treating yourself like a friend matters
  • Taking time to yourself heals the spirit

Spending Time Alone

First, there is a vast difference between spending time alone and feeling lonely. The assumption is that spending time by yourself is somewhat similar to Julia Cameron’s Artist Date, where you take yourself, and only yourself, out to do something. It could be a walk through nature, it could be to a movie, it could involve going to your favorite museum.

You’re taking time to yourself, and that’s great. In the same way that you have specific time for work to be done, this is a great thing that can be playful and joyous. Spending time alone is a practice you do for yourself. Whether you decide to manifest time for yourself by scheduling time in your calendar or making a recurring alarm on your phone, you can find the time if you make it important enough an event.

What Do You Do?

It is a strange and exciting opportunity to spend time with someone who should be your favorite, or one of your favorite people, namely yourself. So what are some good places to take yourself? First decide if you want to spend money on the excursion, how much, and what you want to get out of it. If you’re not used to spending time alone, it can feel overwhelming, and you sort of numb it out with noisy venues or other people. But there are real reasons to listen to your brain as it loses distractions.

Your brain may tell you that you should go to a museum, but your heart might more specifically want to go to the American Museum of Natural History. You might have a retirement account with your company but you really want to try out your own investing skills and you already have a side gig. Your heart may wish for a Self-Directed IRA for you to make your own responsible monetary decisions. Or maybe you think you should go golfing and schmooze to bigwigs, but your heart wants a weekend away to fish in the bayou.

Listening To Your Heart

Once your heart tells you what you should do to take some time alone, your brain can plan the trip. This is one way your head and heart can work together to make a unified decision come to life. But why do you want to be alone in the first place? Because when you shut down your phone, laptop, and tablet, you are focusing on what your self is really saying.

Taking time to meditate through active self-care is an amazing gift you can give yourself. Take yourself to the park, a concert, your backyard, an immersive experience, anywhere. Pleasing yourself in this way enables you to really love on yourself and provide better experiences across all those enter into your life. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Benefits Of Spending Time Alone

Whether you’re reading a book for pleasure or staring off into the ether, what you’re really doing is giving your mind some space. Nothing can be accomplished if there isn’t room in your mind to think about it. Take a day, take a social media break, don’t just work from home or be on-call. Be off. Take some time for yourself, pamper your needs and take care of both your body and your mind. You will be more rested, reflective, and refreshed.

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