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Too Much Togetherness

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What can you do when you’ve had too much togetherness, whether with your family or your coworkers?

Key Points
  • There is such a thing as too much togetherness
  • Taking space and time for yourself is vital
  • Structure can help you

Staying Home

It’s been a long year, and it’s only April. Looking differently, though, allows a change in perspective. And if you look at the past from a year ago, it’s been over a year since people began quarantining. Working from home is the new normal, kids are some combination of virtual and in-person learning, meetings are still being called but they’re over the internet instead of in-person.

Many people are still sheltering-in-place, or otherwise limiting their interactions with people outside of their homes or pods. This can mean a lot of time spent just with those who live within our own four walls. And no matter how big or small a house is comfortable when there isn’t a pandemic, during quarantining it can feel the wrong size just because everyone is home. College kids doing schoolwork virtually from home can add to the challenges of working from home and virtual learning by adding back into the mix someone who originally wasn’t going to be there.

Together, COVID Style

If you are maintaining social distance from friends and family other than those who live with you, there’s a good chance you’re missing a lot of people from your life. Like whom? Parents and grandparents, college roommates, best friends with kids or people in their family in a high-risk bracket. Maybe you’ve experienced holidays, such as Passover or Easter, without family around you for the first time, although it could be your second time around depending on what the pandemic looked like to you last year.

So as everyone is staying close to home, it can be vital to make sure that the room you have and the space you need are one and the same. Your home situation needs to work for all you’re doing there. Work, play, school – all the varieties of activity are likely occurring where you are, and you need to be prepared to orchestrate everything going on smoothly and efficiently.

Doing It All From Home

If you were already home schooling or working from home, you might not think that a year of pandemic energy would change very much, but it certainly can. What may have begun as a child doing schoolwork in a corner last year has likely evolved into a more semi-permanent situation as children and their parents wait to see what government officials have in mind for reopening plans.

And this is the good news. With pandemic vaccines available now, more and more people are being protected than ever before. And that means that there may be hope on the horizon and a chance for the country to really get back on its feet.

Too much togetherness is real. There are increases in domestic violence as people are forced to spend more time together. There are tales of divorce as people find the situation has gone from seemingly acceptable to bordering horrific. But if you take some time for yourself, and let yourself feel and live and be yourself, outside of the home, you have a greater chance of keeping your world the way you want it, and in tact.

Togetherness In The Family

There’s certainly a need each person has for time and space to themselves. Even children need to be free to have a little time to themselves. Expressing their thoughts, creating art, reading books or comics, playing with their toys alone – these are all methods kids have for working out their troubles and coming back to center.

Adults could learn a lot from kids in this regard. Instead of resorting to pastimes with a particularly grown-up bend, coloring books and just sitting still can be beneficial to everyone. So it’s important to make sure that everyone has their own time to themselves as well as time supported within the feeling of the family.

Make “too much togetherness” just one more thing you learned to handle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a deep breath and go forth.

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