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What Is The Great Resignation?

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Key Points
  • The Great Resignation is changing the face of work
  • Employees are gaining ground in their pursuits
  • Everyone is burnt out and the Great Resignation only proves it

The Great Resignation refers to the phenomenon currently occuring in the United States wherein works are leaving the jobs with which they are dissatisfied. What’s it all about? It’s about time.

The Great Resignation As It Is Now

Without question, there have been major changes and challenges over the last few years. What that means is that many people are more concerned about their health, their family’s health, the amount of time spent commuting, whether they like a job that they’re commuting to, and so on.

What’s making people so dissatisfied? Many, many people were laid off or furloughed during the height of the pandemic. This felt like employers in mega-corporations weren’t doing enough to keep their employees onboard. Smaller companies went out of business, and some owners are taking this time to reflect on what they want to do next.

In fact, most of the Great Resignation is a matter of reflection. When workers do not feel adequately valued, they get dissatisfied. If a company is lucky, a dissatisfied employee leaves and finds contentment someplace else. If they stay, they can be argumentative and truculent. So this has been a time for the workers of the United States to really take a step back and see what they want to do with their next journey in life.

Essential Workers Really Are Essential

Workers deemed “essential” by the pandemic have been leaving their jobs as well. After being touted as necessary and important during the height of the pandemic, they’re now better able to leverage into new jobs and roles because of their success. This is a good thing for employees. That’s right, resignation can be a good thing, when one has another place to land.

Employers are often at a loss as to why they lose employees. Sometimes there’s a lack of leadership above, sometimes the work is dissatisfying. Often, though, employees making minimum wage at a job where they feel unappreciated will go ahead and try to find something else, that they deem better.

Restaurants are being extremely hard hit, which means there’s a very visible pain point for restaurants. It takes longer to be seated, to order drinks, to order food, to get your meal, and so on. Better customers, who are willing to wait, will have to take the place of those who are behaving badly by being irate that their demands are not met. But it’s a sign of the times.

If You Can’t Resign, But Are Thinking About It

Some people are not leaving but are relaxing their work habits. Instead of getting paid for a 40-hour work week, but really working 50 or more hours, they’re deciding to prioritize their health and family over a corporation that would as soon cut them as keep them. The Great Resignation is forcing workers to look to their own futures, knowing corporations and companies may not have their best interests at heart.

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