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Being Prepared for What Comes Next

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What comes next? As the world continues to change, it can be easy to feel a loss of control. Being prepared for what comes next can be hard, especially if you’re not sure what it will be. But a general list of things to be prepared for can go a long way to helping you reestablish a sense of, if not control, working with your life instead of simply being buffeted about by it.

Key Points
  • Being grateful will change your life
  • Looking ahead will help you more than looking back
  • Taking care of yourself is vital

Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have in life goes a long way to making the days easier. Even just practicing being grateful for having food and shelter puts you in an “attitude of gratitude.” This doesn’t have to be a meditative state for you, although it certainly can be. What comes next is up to you and your view of the world.

Work Challenges

If you were laid off from your job, or furloughed, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you may not know what to do next. You should definitely see if you qualify for unemployment – both state and federal funds may be available for you, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, now can be a great time to look ahead and see what you want to do next. Are you hopeful that your job will be available when all of this is over? Or were you getting ready to look for something else, anyway?

To get your resume ready, start by looking at it with a fresh eye, and try to be objective. Many recruiters will tell you to tailor your resume for each individual job you apply for, and while this may normally seem like too much on top of everything else, if you are unemployed or underemployed right now, you may have the time to really comb through keywords and make sure your resume speaks to the jobs you are applying to.

Recognize that whatever industry you are in may experience changes and it’s possible not only that your role may not be there when this is all over, but there may be new roles and challenges available to those who are quick off the mark. What comes next? Television ads, for example, are not going away. But for the foreseeable future, they may be less about the brands themselves and more about how the brands are here for you during the coronavirus outbreak. Writing may take a turn to really attempting to identify with consumers, instead of just selling to them.

If you are still working, keep an eye to the future of your industry and try not to be surprised by the fact that anything can happen.

Saving for the Future

In uncertain times such as these, if you are still working, it may be a good time to look ahead. Saving money for your retirement in a Self-Directed IRA, for example, will allow you to put money aside and invest in what interests you. It’s a way to be directly involved in your retirement planning, so you do feel you have influence and control over it. Additionally, saving for retirement, and having anything put aside for emergencies, is a wise decision any day, in any situation.

Be Careful

As the world works its painful way through the Covid-19 pandemic, be alert against propaganda and fraudulent activities. Keep your wits about you and make wise, healthy choices about who you give your financial and credit information to. Don’t fall for scams claiming to be from the US government or IRS.

Recognize as well that social distancing may go on for some time. It could be weeks or months longer, after the isolation laws are lifted, for restaurants to decide how they will implement six feet distance between customers, or for professional sports leagues to determine how they can sell tickets while keeping their players and viewers safe.

Reconnect with people while you are home and have the time to do so. This can help make certain you have people you can rely on, who can also pass along information to you in the event you miss out on something.

Health Challenges

It can be hard while quarantined, to keep up with good physical and mental health habits. But know that the pandemic will end one day, and whatever that future looks like, you’ll do much better in with good, healthy habits.

It’s definitely time to look ahead, even if you haven’t made plans or arrangements for the future. Looking ahead can help feed your sense of hope, and encourage your wellbeing. In a lot of ways, what comes next is up to you.

As the old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

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