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Can You Love Who You Are?

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Have you ever wondered if you can love who you are? Have you struggled with it as an idea?

Key Points
  • You are your whole self
  • Directing your energy directs your self
  • Knowing your true values makes all the difference

Who Are You?

When looking at yourself, it can sometimes be a challenge to really say you love who you are. Especially for those early in their careers and lives, it can be difficult to be certain you even know who you are. A lot of forces have been acting on you and your life, and when you set your self on the next part of your own life’s path it can feel a bit untethered.

If you’ve just started your journey, how can you determine who you are and what you feel? If you’ve practiced meditation or journaling of any sort, you might be confident in who you are, and that’s wonderful. Just know that who you are is more of a work in progress – no matter where on your path you may be.

Who Do You Want To Be?

Do you know who you want to be inside? What sort of life you want to live? What do you want your relationship with others to be like? Your relationship to money? To work? To stress? It can be vital for you to be in right relationship with yourself and how you see the world, in order to best call upon your strengths to make a difference in your life.

If you want to be at the head of a heart-centered business making enough money that it can support artists and local farmers, this is important to know. You will realize that money is important to you because of what you can do with it. People may be important to you for how you can be of service to them. Art may matter to you because you want to produce individual painted canvases that you exhibit at local art shows.

Loving Your Finances

It can be difficult to love who you are if your financial situation is a mess, whether because you have outstanding student loans, medical bills or poverty conditions in your history. Taking control of your finances can help set your whole like up to support who you are and what you want to be.

A Solo 401(k) is a retirement plan specifically designed for the self-employed. You don’t need your own business to open one. In fact, many people who have regular jobs can have one. The key is that you need some sort of self-employed income. This will generally come from a side job, oftentimes “gig” work. This may include driving for a ride-share company, hired speaking engagements or an Etsy store.

Whether you’re saving your finances for a cushy retirement, planning to develop your small honeybee business into soaps and lip balms, you’ve got a financial goal set and should follow it through. If you’re trying to affect positive energy in the world, you’ll use your money to that affect. If you only want to invest in stocks that are making a positive impact on the globe then that’s what your money can do for you.

Loving Who You Are While You’re Becoming

Growing into the person you want to be isn’t always easy. You’ll struggle against chains and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But eventually, you’ll probably decide what matters the most to you. Wall Street will seem like the best idea ever or a terrible gamble, or somewhere in between. ECO-tourism will appeal to you or won’t, travel will or won’t, and your have the chance through everything going on to select how you want to react to situations. Whether you agree with Lynne Twist and her view of the Soul of Money, it does happen that you are happier when you are focusing on the good that you are doing in the world.

As you share your financial wealth with the world, you are making specific choices where your money goes. Choosing to invest in real estate with your Self-Directed IRA specifically so you can rent nice homes to people who would otherwise not have access to them is a choice, and you have to make that choice in your mind before you can make it with your funds.

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