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Guarding Your Energy

Guarding Your Energy
3 Minute Read

Guarding your energy is super important when so much in the world feels unsettled.

Key Points
  • Personal energy is what keeps us going
  • Energy vampires are everywhere and can be people or events or things
  • Techniques exist to help protect your energy

Guarding Your Energy At Home

It can be challenging to make the time to protect your energy, especially if the concept is a new one to you. But protecting yourself from energy vampires is important. What does an “energy vampire” even mean?

There are people in our lives who require so much time and effort and energy that they leave us feeling drained. They can be relatives or coworkers, people we find it difficult to manage our relationship with, as they leave us feeling less energized than when we started talking to them.

It’s important to focus on yourself, exercise your body and meditate regularly to reinforce your own mental and physical self. Regular self-care makes a difference because you are treating yourself well, repeatedly, on purpose. If you don’t protect your own energy, it is unlikely others will do so.

Guarding Your Energy At Work

Often, there’s that one person in the office who pushes your buttons and leaves you feeling drained after you interact. While the pandemic may have made working from home easier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re interacting less with your office energy drainer. It may just mean that the interaction has gone online.

So how do you prevent someone from stealing your joy at the office, whether in person or virtually? First, see if the interactions you have with them are really needed. In the office it can be difficult to avoid someone, but if you’re working from home, do you really need to be on the phone with them twice a week for information? Could it be better provided to you, or them, via email?

If you do have to interact with someone, in person or over the phone, can you limit the length of the discussion taking place? It is possible to let someone know you want to respect their time, and your own, by having a quick five or ten minute call. Schedule a meeting with someone else for shortly after so that you cannot stay on the phone listening to a repetition of gripes.

Guarding Your Energy In The Wide World

You can also take charge of your energy in the ways you make a difference in the world. You can choose to work for a company that takes social responsibilities seriously, or invest in doing good with the salary you earn.

And while it is important to stay informed about the world and situations arising therein, it is possible, and indeed recommended, to give your brain a break. Watching the 24 hour news channels pounding out stories with only slight variation to fill their content need means you are subjecting yourself to their particular bias non-stop. Change the channel. Seek out positive stories about local events. And give yourself a break from everything happening in the world.

Taking Your Own Time

Put down your phone. That’s right, leave it for ten minutes, and don’t pick it up. Don’t check email, voicemail, news, weather, etc. Just take ten minutes to yourself, and don’t do anything. Make sure you have office hours, and hours when you’re off from work or school. Protect your own time as you would protect your working time. You have clear, deliberate boundaries of what you would and would not do during a work day. Make your non-work time free from work, keep your quiet time free from disruptions, and protect your energy. It’s the only way to make sure you have the energy and strength you need to keep fighting the good fight.

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