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Holiday Cheer

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It can be a rough year for holiday cheer, but with a little effort, you could make someone’s holidays.

Key Points
  • When you can’t be there it can feel strange
  • Notes and cards matter more than ever
  • Think about what you’d like most

When the Holiday Cheer Is Missing

It can be difficult to find holiday cheer in a year where there has been so much upheaval. From the absurd election fallout to the pandemic continuing nonstop, the year of 2020 has presented challenges to everyone. Many of those who were told they are “essential” workers are among the lowest paid and struggling to make ends meet. Some have been furloughed, or laid off permanently by now, further affecting financial income.

If you’re in a funk, it may be time to seek out professional assistance, whether that’s a therapist, a life coach, or even a business headhunter who may be able to assist you with a job search. If you’re feeling terribly down, and you usually aren’t it may be a sign of something you need another person, whether a doctor or not, to help you get through. Don’t put off asking for help.

But are there ways that you can provide holiday cheer even without a large financial cost? Yes, and the options are not just kid-level crafts. If money is the only option it can feel like there are no choices available for you. But there are actually more things than ever that you can do for low to no cost.

Some Ideas for Holiday Cheer

Think about your relatives and friends, and how much you miss them, this year especially, A handwritten note or holiday card, sent with love, might make you both feel a little bit more warmth of the season. Sending to distant family and friends, perhaps with an update on what you’ve done this year, can really make the distance feel less.

If playing holiday music makes you feel happy, indulge yourself. A good round of classics, classical, or modern pop holiday can cheer you up when you need it. Have a favorite tune? Plug it into a playlist that makes you feel better and play it often.

The same goes for favorite holiday movies. If Elf makes you smile, what’s to stop you from watching it? There are some cable channels that actually run the same movie over and over, and while some may not have the message you’re looking for, some might, and it can be a good time to sample the offerings.

And if you have a favorite person, but you can’t be together due to distance and pandemic, what can you do? Get on a video call with them and try to make sure they know they’re loved. Skype, Facetime, and Zoom are just some of the options available to use and it can make a big difference to see someone’s face as opposed to just hearing them over the phone.

There can be homemade cookies, gingerbread house decorating, and paper snowflake making for you and anyone in your immediate family if you aren’t going out much (or at all) due to the pandemic.

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Lastly, practice gratitude and being thankful and you can change your whole world. Looking out with grateful eyes means seeing the sparkle in the rain, and not just the inconvenience to yourself. There are so many things to be grateful for, even in the worst of years but it can be difficult to see them. It might benefit you to do something nice for someone else, whether it’s make a donation to an animal shelter, or adopt a pet for the long haul, or pay it forward for someone’s coffee at the small shop in town. Thinking of others often makes us feel better towards ourselves.

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