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Know Your Value and Worth at Work

Know Your Value and Worth and Work
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It can be difficult to feel valued at work some days, but you can be your own champion, by knowing your own value and worth.

Key Points
  • Value can be cost
  • Worth can be intrinsic
  • Happiness lies in the sweet spot between both

Value and Worth

It can be difficult to get clear, distinctive definitions of value and worth, so for the purpose of this article, you can use them interchangeably if it makes sense to you. Otherwise, for our intentions here, value will be defined as the cost or price of an item or service, and worth defined as intrinsic and unchanging. You are a human being and have unchanging worth. You are worthy. You work for a living to make money, and your work has value, which is what you are paid.

Values are also what you use your money as energy to support. Companies have “core values” but often don’t live them, though some do. When you spend money and support companies that support what you believe in, you are putting money and energy towards those values, and you determine if they’re worth it. If it costs you extra to “Buy American” and that’s important to you, you spend your money that way, reinforcing a store or company’s ability to remain true to the value they offer.

Worth and Value

Your worth is inherent in you as a human being, and doesn’t waver. But you do rent yourself out to your company, or the corporation that employs you, and you have a rate by day, by year, or by hour.

You make the decision of the value and worth of your time. And this includes your retirement value, as you put money aside to fund your future when your time may belong to you. If you choose to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, your money works as energy and sets up further possibilities in that regard.

Your retirement calculator can help you determine what amount of finance you might need in the future. Knowing this now can help you make a plan for what will happen when you start to live on your own valued time. What amount of money will make your retirement fulfilling? What will you want to be doing?

Retirement Value and Worth

Sometimes people think about retirement as an end of work, but with little other thought applied. It’s important to make sure you have a plan. Want to run an alpaca farm? A winery? A car service business? Anything can be possible if you dedicate yourself to planning in advance.

You can even purchase real estate now to use as an investment property and take it as a distribution, with taxes, when you retire. The opportunities are endless, but you have to do two things – 1.) know your worth and 2.) know your value

When you value your time appropriately and do work you enjoy, you can plan your retirement with more of what you want to do, and less you have to do to catch up to where you want to be or imagined you would be doing.

Work Value and Worth

It can be difficult to make sure you are valued for your full worth at work, but you need to do the best you can, and make certain of some things. You boss and boss’ supervisor should know of you in a positive way and see the value and worth of keeping you in the corporate business. The higher up you can make the view of you positive and valuable to the company, the better for you although of course it is not a guarantee of anything these days.

If you have a passion plan, you should prepare for it as soon as possible. Making financial decisions based on an actual plan for the future will pay off in a number of ways. First, it gives you a goal to work towards. Next, it can help you solidify your sense of value, as you know what you are working towards. Last, your goals calm you and keep you moored even as you experience life in the corporate world. Being prepared is never a bad thing.

Reflecting on Yourself

Keeping strong in the face of a corporate environment that can be at best unkind, and at worst toxic,can be difficult. Knowing your worth and providing value are important to your career, but can also matter a great deal to your internal compass. Stay certain that you matter, and your worth is unchangeable, and your career, and life, will be better for it.

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