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Looking Ahead to Brighter Days

work and covid-19
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If it seems like there’s a lot of bad news around right now, it would be difficult to disagree, but looking ahead can help. There’s a lot of positive things going on right now, too. Like what? Like springtime coming, as it always does, and bringing flowers, seemingly out of nothing.

Working Class Heroes

It’s becoming very apparent that our working class matters. There’s a fine line between essential services and non-essential, except where there isn’t because it’s glaringly obvious now, even if it wasn’t to everyone before.

Teachers are adapting to online classes with everyone from kindergarteners to collegians, interacting over the phone and through zoom or teams or google to reach their kids.

Garbage men are working to make sure the streets are clean of refuse, and that society doesn’t get disrupted.

Postal workers are delivering mail and packages with the same or extra efficiency.

Police officers are making sure law and order are maintained.

Nurses have stepped to the forefront of the crisis and are working overtime to make the best of a bad situation, saving lives and providing comfort and care in ways many wouldn’t even think possible.

Grocery store workers are making sure shelves are stocked and groceries can reach the people who need them.

Parents and Partners

Parents are stepping up like never before. It would be difficult to call the current situation any sort of normal, but parents are spending 24/7 with their children and ensuring school and play get done. Providing the best of the current situation, making sure kids are clean and fed and as happy as they can be given the current crisis. Parents and teachers are looking ahead and preparing ours kids for the future.

With non-essential stores closed, people are buying less stuff. People are reckoning with their real feelings and healing themselves, instead of self-soothing and buying on impulse. While there may not really be dolphins in the Venice canals, or drunk elephants, there is an opportunity for the environment to begin healing, and humans along with it.

People are coming together by staying apart. It’s clear that now is not the time for large social gatherings, and even religious communities are holding virtual sessions for their members. But neighbors are helping each other, not just by keeping their eye out for toilet paper, but by keeping their distance and waving or yelling hello, even to neighbors they may not have known before.

The world is valuing things in different ways, and the end of the pandemic will surely result in changes to what has always been done. There will be a ‘new normal’, as it were, and this can mean different things to different people, but it may unite us all as having come through a world crisis together.

A New Normal

Looking ahead, what do you see? The new normal? The new normal may mean walking around the neighborhood after work, just because you can, and just to enjoy the fresh air. It may mean controlling your retirement plan to only invest in causes and corporations that are doing well by doing good. It may mean that you can work from home every day since you’ve already proven that you can. And maybe, it will mean a greater appreciation for the world and the people on it.

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