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Newton’s First Law of Motion & Your Retirement

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Science Class

If you are old enough to be thinking about your life and finances, you may be old enough to remember science classes. Newton’s First Law of Motion, for example, or Einstein saying that the hardest thing to learn is the income tax. Galileo joining Bohemian Rhapsody. And more wit and wisdom from the masters.

But if you recall basic physics, you’ll remember Newton’s First Law of Motion, that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. It applies not only to heavenly bodies out in space, but even our own bodies, and our own thoughts.

Keeping your mind active encourages you to keep it going, in much the same way people will say, “if you want something done give it to a busy person.” If you are a lifelong learner, you will never be bored, and will always find ways to fill your time.

Keep Moving

You can take an online class through a university, go for a degree (or another!) and keep your mind sharp and up to date learning about new technology and advances in medicine. You can take a free course from any number of companies that offers webinars when you use their service. If you have an ecommerce page and use MailChimp (or mail kimp for those who remember the original Serial podcast) they offer webinars to learn how to better use their forms and services.

Career coaches and financial wizards offer free and paid content online to keep your mind moving as well. But it isn’t just your mind you can keep in motion. Your physical body can be kept up to date, too, running (errands or miles) and leaping (over tall buildings or hurdles.) And while you’re running your laps you can listen to podcasts, courses, content, and more. Sometimes engaging the physical body helps encourage mental clarity. Just ask any of the runners you know who experience “runner’s high.”

Money in motion tends to work the same way. When you hoard your money, it doesn’t do any work for you or for others. It’s the old-fashioned idea of “storing money in your mattress.” But there are ways of taking your money, whether you have a traditional IRA or 401k, or if you work for yourself and have a Solo 401k.

Solo 401k

Say, for example, you have a Solo 401k, because you are an entrepreneur without employees. You’re establishing your financial future and are taking responsibility for where investments are made. So you can use your funds and spread them around in causes and areas where you think they will both make money and do the most good. You’re no longer tied to a corporate 401k which determines investment opportunities for you.

And through compound interest your money can grow, and you can diversify into areas a traditional plan might not allow. So you have money in motion, and once it’s moving it can continue to earn more and more through the years. And when you do get to retirement, your money will be used to doing work for you, and you will be used to managing funds and your business.

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