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Opening Back Up

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As the world and the United States of America begin opening back up, it’s time to reassess where you are and get back on top of all the things that may have fallen by the wayside.

Key Points
  • CDC guidelines are changing
  • States are opening back up
  • All areas of fitness should be tested for health


Everyone knows there’s been a pandemic, that the majority of Americans care about the safety and health of their fellow citizens and thus have worn masks and gotten vaccinated, and that summer’s arrival has meant those who have sacrificed their time and attention may now be able to “get back to normal.”

What is normal, now, though? COVID-19 is still out there, so recommendations are to get vaccinated and stay alert to people’s sicknesses, making sure you and your family are safe and healthy. With that said, the CDC does allow for summertime meetups and mask-less encounters outside. So, keep protected indoors, and out, and keep your summer happy and safe.

Getting Back To Normal

So, you’re ready to really get back to life as it was, or as it will be now. You’re willing to follow current rules as long as you can get back outside. What should you do first?

Yes, human contact is important, because you may have been isolated and you need to interact with other people. No, you don’t have to take your mask off if you go to the mall or the supermarket. But there are other things you may have put off over the last year (or two!) that you should jump on.

First, doctor and dental appointments. It can feel very overwhelming if you’ve been in the house for a year and haven’t had a lot of interaction, but these are super important. Call your primary care physician and let them know you’ve begun opening back up, and ask if they need to see you. You may be surprised at the tests you missed, at the way medication may need to be adjusted, or other things may need to be manipulated in your care. Prostate exams, mammograms, blood work – you may have forgotten all about these things but there’s a good chance your physician hasn’t. Take care of yourself and keep in the best health you can, so you have a future to look forward to.

Opening Back Up… To The Future

Now that we know the Coronavirus can be vaccinated against and defeated, it’s time to look once again towards the future. Taking care of your physical health is a great place to start. Mental health is vital as well, and you should really check up on your financial health.

If you were furloughed or laid off the pandemic was a challenge for you, and you may have dipped into your retirement savings. Now is a great time to look at where you are and decide where you want to get to, and make a plan to get there.

What if you’ve never planned for your financial security? Now is the best time to start! Look into the corporate plan your company has. Check out individual retirement accounts, like the Self-Directed IRA. It can be used to invest in both traditional and alternative assets, and can be custodian or checkbook controlled. If you’ve never been interested in your retirement goals, planning, or savings, now is a perfect time to get informed, educated, and involved with your own future.

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