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Planting Gardens and Your Retirement

planting gardens
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If you’re planting gardens, be they vegetables, herbs, fruits, or flowers, it can be an exciting challenge. There’s the idea of bringing something along through life from seedling to full size, food-bearing plant. There’s the principle that carrots and tomatoes are good to grow together because they’re complimentary.

Key Points
  • Growing your own food is a great idea
  • Fruits, herbs, and vegetables can be grown in a variety of locations
  • There’s never been a better time to start a garden

Start Planting Gardens

It can be a little overwhelming when you get started, but a good rule of thumb is to start small. Decide what plant you want to grown, what vegetable you want to harvest, and how much effort you want to invest. Why does that matter? Some vegetables take an awful lot of effort. Some you just plant and allow to grow.

Take herbs, for example. The plants start from seeds and grown very quickly. You can have dill or parsley growing in a few weeks, right on your kitchen windowsill. Planting gardens doesn’t just have to mean having a large plot of land outside. You can keep basil and mint in pots on your porch, as long as they get enough sunlight and water.

Retirement Planning

Growing plants together is a lot like having complimentary assets in your retirement portfolio – if you plant a variety of different items, there’s a better chance of them making it, because of the bigger variety. As for carrots and tomatoes, if you have the room for growing them together, they will help each other out. You want, wherever possible, vegetables to compliment each other – ph balancing, insect repelling, taking different nutrients from the soil.

Planting Gardens and Your Future

When planning your own future, you want to look at things the same way that you do when laying out a garden. How much space do you have available? What would you like your final result to be? How would you like to experience your results?

When you start your retirement, or your garden, from seeds, you’re starting very small. You’re letting it grow slowly, patiently, over time.When you grow from plants, you’re starting ahead of the game because you know what’s already growing, and what will bear fruit.

Retirement Growth

When you’re growing your retirement savings, you can start from scratch, investing in a start-up, or even starting your own Solo 401(k) or IRA. Or you can invest in companies that are already up and running, and while you’re spending more to invest, you may make a great return.

A Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in whatever you choose, in much the way you can plan your own vegetable, fruit, or herb garden. Whatever you are interested in can be the focus of your investments. With a Checkbook Control LLC you don’t even need a custodian to approve your transactions. And while there are some prohibited transactions, you have a broad range of investments that are allowed. Think of it as plants you can’t grow because of the ph of the soil, or because you want a tree that needs different weather requirements.

IRA Financial Group can help you set up your Self-Directed 401(k), although they won’t be a great deal of help with your vegetable garden. Give us a call at 800.472.0646 to learn more!

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