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Regain Control Of Your Calendar

Regain Control of Your Calendar
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2020 was an amazingly difficult year, but 2021 can be yours when you regain control of your calendar.

Key Points
  • Many view their 2020 planner with a sense of sadness
  • Calendars and planners are helpful in organizing your life
  • 2021 is a chance to reconnect and regain control of your calendar

Planners And Calendars

A basic calendar can help you keep track of the birthdays in the family, holidays from the office, and when your own anniversary is, so you stop getting in trouble for forgetting it. But a planner is a system, and is designed to be used to hold more than just dentist appointments and doctor details.

While a wall calendar, or magnetic dry erase one on the refrigerator can organize the month, and highlight special days in advance, it doesn’t always work for reminders months out. Sometimes there’s enough space to make additional notes on the side.

If you’re old school and like to draw, the Bullet Journal method may work for you, in that you can customize everything to your exact taste, color scheme, and method. Want to use bullet points for lists? Circles? Triangles for birthdays? The whole setup can be remade to what you wish, although there are basic ideas for starting that can get the ball rolling.

Many, many people like to use the calendar that comes with their phone. An electronic calendar app can be helpful because it travels with you wherever you go. But it can also be difficult to see months in advance if you’re not savvy with it, and sometimes it gets confusing.

A paper planner is definitely not for everyone, but executives and secretaries, presidents and elected officials the world over do swear by them. Being able to map out the whole day/week/month/year in one spot is very helpful when looking at the bigger picture and figuring out how to configure your days for maximum results.

2021 Planners

Regain control of your calendar by expanding what you track in it. Use a planner for writing down everything you might need to know. Phone calls made? You can abbreviate as “TT” for “telephone to” or any other way you choose. Shapes or colors, anything that works for you. Anything that will get you the information you need at a glance.

There’s more than just tracking phone calls and birthdays in a planner. you are more likely to achieve goals that you’ve written down and made a plan for. It’s where you can write down positive action steps you take for your health – more movement and playing, track medication you need to take, count how much time you spend in meditation every day.

For business or finances, you can track your income and expenses, goals such as learning more about Self-Directed IRAs so you can save more for retirement by investing in yourself and your own knowledge and goals.

Regain Control Of Your Calendar in 2021

2021 is a brand new year, which will have challenges and concerns all its own, as well as some carrying over from 2020. Whether you choose an electronic or analog solution, keeping track of your year is recommended by productivity managers from every walk of life.

Schedule the most important things in your life first. Schedule recurring appointments, meditation and journaling time, daily and weekly tasks. Use the Pomodoro method and time block if that works best for you. But make time for yourself through planning and regain control of your calendar by being more organized than ever.

Planning and recording what you do is a gift you give yourself. Follow the planner path where it leads and enjoy the process. Find one that speaks to you and record the events and details of your life, not just as a record for what you’ve done, but for a map of where you want to go.

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