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Staying Positive in Trying Times

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It’s important to make sure you’re staying positive and maintaining a positive outlook in life, even when it feels like things are going wrong. Nowadays, there’s evidence everywhere that you’re meant to be isolated and that your natural emotional state should be worried or concerned.

Key Points
  • Outlook is key
  • Connection is vital
  • Gratitude is a choice

How Do You Feel?

It matters when you think about how you feel, because it matters what you feel. So, how do you feel? Do you have a concerned feeling in the pit pf your stomach? Or a bit of tension in your shoulders? The best thing you can do is really feel your feelings. Recognize that you have a sense of sadness or pain or grief. Realize you may be mourning a feeling of loss about the world as it used to be.

As you mourn, a lot of feelings may come up for you. Choosing to feel your feelings as they happen, and choosing to be curious about them, can lead you to positive feelings and choosing to feel better about the situation. If you currently have COVID-19 you may be scared. That’s a real feeling and one that is perfectly normal. But buy focusing on getting better rather than getting worse, you’re beginning to train your mind in thinking positive thoughts.

Are You Staying Connected?

Maximize whatever “extra” time you find by staying connected to friends and family, especially those you most want to interact with. Your niece is in college on the other side of the country but had to come home when the dorms closed? She’s probably feeling a little lost herself, and could use some human connection. When times like these mean it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone, thinking positive thoughts and sharing them with your loved ones can make a big difference to you both.

Some ways to stay connected are, of course, not possible, like getting together physically. But you can share a meal together over a video conferencing service like Zoom. Writing emails, sending ecards, and sending texts are all great ways to let another person know you’re thinking of them, and they don’t necessarily mean extra work for anyone who is considered essential. As a bonus, you can send connection emails to contacts over LinkedIn, which makes for networking opportunities as almost everyone is looking for more connection right now.

Are You Looking For The Helpers?

There are so many positive stories about communities coming together to support their essential workers. More than just celebrating, there are plenty of people volunteering to make PPE for hospitals and nursing homes, people feeding nurses and doctors, and all kinds of other meaningful ways to show appreciation.

Police and firefighters, grocery store workers, and gas station attendants are all out everyday doing their best to help our communities stay safe.

How Are You Feeding Your Mind?

Mindfulness is being aware of yourself in the moment. It matters what sort of news, noise, and nurturing you put into your head, and take into your heart. While watching the news is important, too much bad news can have a terrible affect on your ‘staying positive’ attitude. Remember, too, that positivity is not inherently toxic, but can become so if it ignores the reality of the situation.

So look for good news, like the fact that this may be the best time to start a business. Or notice how animal fostering and adoption is super high right now. Kids and parents are spending more time together than either literally probably ever thought they would.

If you are staying positive, read good books, listen to good music, and dance a good dance – in your kitchen if you have to. Seek out positive news as well, to keep your chin up. Staying positive in trying times can be tough, but you can be tougher, while staying flexible.

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