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Taking A Break from the World of Work

Take a break from the world of work
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Taking a break from the world of work during the current situation might seem frivolous, but it’s actually vital.

Key Points
  • Many countries requires vacations
  • Taking a break from work can actually help you work
  • Getting away can help you relax

Vacation Time

There’s a reason some countries and many companies require employees use their vacation time. Taking a break from your work can help you in a whole host of ways. Even just breaking the cycle of stress and giving your mind something else to think about can be enough to force a “reset” into your brain.

It can help stop the endless cycle of worrying and stress many jobs cause.

It might give you a break from keeping your mind on your retirement savings, unless you have are part of Self-Directed Nation, and have a Solo 401(k) or Self-Directed IRA.

You could have the chance to read a book you’ve always wanted to, or to catch up on the latest nonfiction that’s going around.

Taking a Break and Time for Yourself

As one of the millions of Americans who have been quarantining since mid-March, having things delivered, and generally staying out of public spaces, I was done with everything. Family, work, and so on, were wonderful and marvelous and on my last nerve. So what to do to keep everyone safe but also get a little space?

I started doing research, and decided that with COVID-19 running rampant in many parts of the country, I would keep my family close to home, The northeast United States experienced it’s own horrors with the pandemic, and I would not risk going to a current hotspot. Since we were staying local, no need to get on an airplane and worry about the quality of air there, other people wearing masks the whole time, or any of that. We also decided we would driver instead of taking a train or bus anywhere.

So, that put the adventure (and I try to approach everything as an adventure) as somewhat close to the town we live in, or reachable by car, where there would be space for social distancing as well as something for us to do to keep a sense of fun. After all, we could take a week from work and just stay home but the whole family was tired of looking at the walls.

Planning it Out

VRBO came to our rescue in the shape of a house that was about an hour away, near the beach, close to the boardwalk which had rides and arcades, etc. And the weather cooperated by giving us sunny mornings and overcast afternoons, so the crowds stayed away.

It was fun to have the area almost to ourselves early, and the kids enjoyed the simple pleasure of jumping in the waves, and splashing in the tides. The sun was lovely to feel in the bones and the sand was magic to wiggle little piggy toes in.

Businesses were glad for the customers, rides were running for all the little kids around, and the games were fun. Masks were worn, but indoors only were they required and with the air conditioners running at max, it wasn’t the most uncomfortable thing ever. And even the kids wore them, although their patience for masks was a lot lower level of tolerance than the adults had.

Arcade games landed the kids with a giant elephant, several overstuffed pillow animals, a Bob Ross (okay,it’s for me!) and assorted mermaids. Packing the car to go home was an exercise in Tetris or Jenga.

Taking a Break from the World of Work

Coming back to the office has been an adjustment. But it was such fun to take some time out of the “office” that is in our home. Looking at my home office now, it’s beautiful, especially because it enables me to take my family on vacations when there’s time available. Appreciation may be one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves.

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