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The New New Normal

New Normal
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It may seem like there’s an awful lot going on in the world today, and America specifically. That’s because there is, and it can feel overwhelming. What will the “new” new normal be?

Key Points
  • COVID-19 is still running rampant
  • Protests are happening nationwide
  • Riots are disrupting the status quo

Making Sense of the World

With everything raging in the world, it can be hard to know where to focus. But there are some tips that can help navigate what is fast changing “the new normal” to an even newer normal.

Stop talking And listen

It can be difficult to maintain your equanimity in the face of injustice, protest, and violence, because it upsets social norms to which you’re accustomed. Take a deep breath and listen to what is happening. Hear what people are saying across the board, and see what your views are.

When you open your mind and hear what people are saying you have a better chance of reaching understanding.

Is there still a pandemic?

Yes, there is. Stay safe, stay home if possible, or six feet apart if you’re outside. Wear a mask to help protect those among society who are the most vulnerable, including essential workers and those with immunodeficiency disorders.

Try not to get distracted from keeping yourself safe. Keep washing your hands – which is a practice you should have always had and should always keep. Sneeze into your elbow and cover your mouth when you cough.

Prioritize your mental health

If you can meditate, do so. Turning inward and seeing the whole of the universe as a part of you can help you feel connected right now, when so much seems to be falling apart. Turn outward and see the whole as a part of your inner being, and sense the connectedness that way, as well.

Find someone to talk to if it will help you. A therapist, a life coach, or a member of your clergy may be able to help you talk through some of the struggles you’re dealing with. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, or have depression, check in with your psychiatrist or therapist and do a pulse check. Are your meds working? Are you feeling anything you need to address?

Keep The World Moving

If you’re fortunate enough to be working during this time, keep on keeping on. It can be hard to push through, but it can help to keep yourself busy. If you can’t get into the office keep working from home and doing the best you can. You’re becoming a master at change management and can always include it on your next corporate review.

If you’re an essential worker you keep this country moving in other ways. Whether you literally drive a truck with marketable goods, or if you’re a healthcare worker saving lives, you matter and you are celebrated.

Traditionally, people are optimists at heart. Even in the midst of upheaval and stress, people fall in love, make plans for the future, get married, have babies, retire, save for the future, buy cars and all the things that were done when the world was “normal.”

The New Normal

No one really knows what the future holds, and all they can do is make rough approximations about most things. But life will go on, and hopefully there will be a better country for everyone on the other side of these crises. It is painful and gut-wrenching to watch cities burn but all the more horrifying to see people suffering and the reasons behind it.

So what are you bringing to the new normal? Are you going to live in fear? Or will you step into your power as a human being and make the best of the brave, new world?

Moving forward

Keep hydrating, getting rest, and exercising. Take care of your physical self because it’s the form you live in, in the world. Many doctors recommend six to eight hours of sleep a night, but it can be difficult to get that. Do the best you can and be gentle with yourself.

Concentrate on making your mental health a priority. Whether you need a life coach to talk things through or a financial coach to help you prepare, make yourself a priority in your own life.

Keep saving for retirement and building wealth for the future. Looking ahead and doing your part to make the world a better place is the best way to help create the future you desire. Support local businesses you want to encourage to grow. Hold your children’s future in your mind as you decide what framework you want to lay.

You can make the new normal a great place to be.

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