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The Power Of Music In Your Life

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Aware of the power of music? It can lift the spirits and calm them, depending on a desired outcome.

Key Points
  • Music, whether happy or sad, can help everyone
  • Listening to music you don’t know can expand your mind
  • Music can be found just about anywhere nowadays

The Power Of Music You Know

Listening to music you already know and are familiar with can calm and soothe you. Listening to something pleasurable can actually change your mood, as you recall the original circumstances when you heard a song, or when you remember the feeling you had the first time you heard the tune.

Every culture in history has produced music, using hands and feet to keep rhythm in the earliest times, and building amplifiers and mechanical instruments of all types through the centuries. According to the experts, music affects the brain and lights up all aspects of it by making you smarter, happier, healthier, and more productive at all points of your life, regardless of age.

Cheerful music helps you, as does sad music. It’s cathartic and can help you release emotions often identified as negative, and that can also be sticky if not dealt with. Listening to the music of your choice is important, as well. Being forced to hear someone else’s idea of quality tunes can be frustrating.

The Power Of Music You Don’t Know

But even without being able to select the type of music you prefer, your brain can grow and enjoy listening to music it has never heard before. That’s why someone who adores the rock group Rush might enjoy listening to Coheed and Cambria, with whom they’re often compared. Or someone who truly enjoys listening to Tchaikovsky’s music might also find joy in hearing Korngold. Becoming exposed to new variations on a theme, as it were, can help expand the mind.

Heavy metal enthusiasts and classical music enthusiasts can meet for agreement over the strength of their interests, if not the exact type of music as a focus. But expanding your mind by listening to other types of music can help your brain form new connections and perhaps even reach a greater understanding of people previously unknown. Even retirement planning can be eased with the right music.

Music To Expand Your Mind

Music lessons, so often the bane of existence for children are a source of pride for adults. Adults who couldn’t have lessons due to time or money concerns tend to be very enthusiastic in the desire that their children should play something that they never had an opportunity to themselves. In fact, taking music lessons at any age can be valuable, as there have been studies showing that learning music helps in many areas, including science and mathematics. Even foreign language studies have been known to improve with musical encouragement.

Young children who learn music skills shouldn’t just be forced to adhere to their parent’s desire of instrument. It can make lessons go much more smoothly when an instrument is picked together. Violin is cool, but the upright bass might be cooler. Drums are cool but maybe the bongos are even more so. Deciding together may make all the difference in whether the instrument is accepted and lessons adhered to with regular enthusiasm.

The Power Of Music In Your Life

Without music life is silent and sad. There’s a rhythm and tone to the music of life that finds it’s way through everyone’s days. You can choose to live with the rhyme and rhythm you’ve been given, or affect it in a more positive way through what you can control. Terrestrial radio is still where many people get their news and opinion pieces, even while there are simulcasts on some television cable networks. It’s also where many listen to music for the first time. There’s also online radio stations, music apps that will make suggestions based on what tunes are being listened to the most.

There are many ways to introduce music to your life. Both lyrics you know and sounds you don’t can make a difference in your mood and outlook on life. Don’t be afraid to listen to something new and open your heart and mind to another way of thinking, learning, experiencing, and hearing the world we live in.

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