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Virtual Learning For Beginners

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Everyone experiencing virtual learning and working from home is likely overwhelmed.

Key Points
  • Virtual learning is for everyone
  • Working from home is hard
  • Learning and working from home requires organization

Learning and Working From Home

There’s a big difference between learning from home, and working from home, but in a number of ways, they’re really quite similar. Virtual learning requires a teacher to lead a group of students, but relies on the student to be an active participant in their schooling in a firmer way. Working from home relies only on yourself accomplishing tasks as needed for your job.

So what does virtual learning entail? For grade school students it can mean that there’s a teacher, leading a lesson or showing slides and talking to the kids. For college students, it can be a professor at the head of the lecture hall, talking and explaining, assigning projects and anticipating results.

Working from home? You have a job, and likely had it before the pandemic hit, so you know what is expected from you. There’s may be a list of tasks you must accomplish by the day, the week, or the month. And as you move through your day you may have meetings and presentations meant to keep you in the loop at “the office.”

Having A Growth Mindset

If you’re working from home there’s a good chance you’re an adult. What does that mean? All too often it can mean that you’re not open to learning new things, and have sort of calcified in your efforts. Beyond this being a problem at work, where you may be needed to continue to grow and learn and expand, your willingness to take on new methods may be lacking.

Try to expand your mind. Meditate and take a moment to really reach out into the universe, and see the expanse beyond yourself. Understand that while there are consequences for getting things wrong, there may still be opportunities to learn and grow.

Having a growth mindset matters more than you might think. Why? It allows you the chance to learn new things without worrying about what other people may think, and that can make all the difference. How often have you met someone at the office with a fixed mindset, who won’t take suggestions, isn’t interested in changing anything, and doesn’t care what competitors are capable of since it’s nothing to do with you.

And that is a recipe for failure.

Learning For Life

Working and learning are closer than you might think, if you’re willing to have an open mind, and a growth mindset. Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge about jousting or a retirement fund, there’s information out there. Whether you’re learning the alphabet of your own or another language, how to write a screenplay, or how to share documents with coworkers over google docs, there’s a way to find information online.

If your growth mindset is open to new ideas, and you’re willing to learn from every opportunity, you will approach the world with curiosity, and that’s important. Looking at the world with the eyes of a child means seeing all the beauty the world has to offer, and how you can relate to it.

Work, especially, can feel very heavy and overwhelming, but if you can approach it with a healthy, open attitude, you may find it feeling less like you’re carrying a boulder as a burden, and more as you’re kicking pebbles out of the way. Less like you’re Atlas and more like you’re living a charmed life. When everything is an object of curiosity you are willing to find the lighter side of life, even in the midst of, say, civil unrest and a pandemic.

Because there is still good out there, even if you have to look a little harder for it. And if you’re a student, you know there will still be wifi outages, and missing textbooks, and art supplies that aren’t available yet.

If you’re an office worker applying yourself from home, you’ll still be faced with appaling coworkers who don’t understand the concept of “space” between work and home functions, and you may still have a boss who emails you and then immediately calls to see if you got the email.

Keep a growth mindset and learn to see the humor, learn to see the lessons, and learn to find the joy. Virtual learning is more than just for work or school. It’s for life.

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