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Work and COVID-19 – How to Cope

work and covid-19
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Work and COVID-19 go together like peanut butter and jelly these days. But sometimes you can be struggling and not know what to do about it. COVID-19 and the state of the world as a whole can be not just overwhelming but completely stifling.

Key Points
  • Research has found 73% of Americans report feeling nervous
  • 60% of Respondents are having trouble sleeping
  • Over 45% of Americans have struggled with depression

Feeling Overwhelmed? Excited? Odd?

People are feeling fear, sadness, grief, depression, anxiety, overwhelm… so many emotions can come up in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, and it can shift depending on what stage of the crisis a person is in. Someone in Tennessee may feel quite different from someone in California, as the virus is exacting different conditions and causing different results.

When it first sets in there can be a sense of excitement especially from the kids as they set out with their family on a new adventure. There might be more family dinners than they’re used to, more time spent with their folks and others they love. And then the parents may feel anxious as they’re trying to keep the kids on a normal schedule, get their work-from-home schedule situated, plan groceries and the like.

Working At Home and COVID-19

The world is experiencing a lot right now. It’s easy to identify with a number of emotions, many of them mixed, as COVID-19 commands more and more attention. And it can be a real challenge for workers, struggling at home with their own feelings as well as their own families and situations.

So, you set up an area specific for your function at work. You’ve chosen a site that won’t get interrupted too much, having minimal distractions by design. You’ve selected an area where you can get the maximum amount of work done every day.

Except maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re choosing to work on the kitchen table or in the dining room because the prime spot goes to someone else who’s working. And room has to be found for not just workers but students as well. Some classes are occurring in the evenings, some in the morning, and some at the discretion of the student.

Work and COVID-19

It’s more than understandable if there are a mixed range of emotions going through your mind these days. But you still have to work, and COVID-19 cannot change that. Your employer is looking for you to maximize your days, and make them count.

When To Ask For Help

It can be difficult for you to know exactly what to do during these stressful times. But there are some things that may make it a bit better.

  1. If you’re struggling with your hours because the whole family is using the bandwidth at that time, see if you can modify your hours a bit. Working “off” times, even by an hour or so, may make the situation better.
  2. Depending on your work environment, your manager may be understanding that the kids are in school and requiring attention, and that you are currently dividing your attention more than you would like. They may be able to make suggestions, change up your workload, or even allow you to go into the office if that’s a possibility
  3. If you’re anxious or depressed and cannot function, it it’s important to reach out to someone who can help.

Look Out For Your Health

Looking out for your mental and physical health is a big responsibility but is important. In the same way you make certain your financials are in order, it’s important to own up and take charge. Work and COVID-19 can really do a number on your world, and you need to make sure you’re doing your best in all areas of your life.

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