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Working From Home – Getting Started

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Working from home is more popular than ever, as it helps keep companies functioning during the current crisis. Corporations that never considered letting their employees work from home have been forced to become more agile in an instant.

Key Points
  • Work from home opportunities abound
  • Various industries are looking for help
  • Research can help you find your best fit

Remote Workers Wanted

According to LinkedIn, job listings for remote workers jumped by 28% in March 2020. This reflects the times we’re living in. With offices and corporations closed due to the coronavirus, and the need for social distancing, more and more employers are looking for people who can handle both simple and complex tasks in their own homes.

At the moment there is a great demand for front-line workers fighting the COVID-19 virus, whether it’s nurses and doctors or grocery workers and shoppers for those who can’t leave their homes. But there’s also a demand for remote workers.

Data entry, copy writing, and customer service jobs are available, but remember, working from home can come with some distinctive challenges.

Working From Home

If you’ve recently lost your position or been furloughed from an office job, you may be uncertain what working from looks like. But here’s the thing. It can look different for every person, and different for every job, or position. Setting up a space to work from home is important, no matter what you’re doing. If you have a space that can be left uninterrupted, away from the other noises in the house, it may provide you with the most peace and ease.

Working from home with kids and pets and extended family can be a challenge. There’s noise and chaos that can threaten to take over your work day. Even an overly curious cat can be disruptive, for example, licking the touchscreen of the computer and trying to navigate away from the current page you’re on. Even if you cannot carve out a specific area that will remain unused after your work, try and set up an area that you claim daily. And then keep your paperwork all together and out of the way.

Setting Up For Success

Once you’ve established where you’ll be working, you’ll need to establish your routine for the day, and it is important that you do so. Get yourself coffee from the kitchen if that’s what you usually do, and review your to-do list, set up from the night before. Get yourself into the proper frame of mind to work with minimal distractions. If you have family and pets at home with you, be prepared for distractions because you know they’re coming. Set yourself up for success – financially, work-wise, and interpersonally.

If you’re looking for reasons to start your own business from home, consider if now could be a good time. Setting yourself up in business, you can reach people at their homes, while they’re all in basically the same situation as you are. People are looking for reassurance, stability, and secure footing. Your business could be exactly what people are looking for right now.

And don’t forget to look to the future for better times ahead.

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