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Virtual Real Estate in SandBox and Decentraland Boosts The Metaverse

Key Points
  • Real Estate in the Metaverse is getting more popular
  • The MEtaverse does not exist off screen at this time
  • Digital gamers are driving this trend

Some prominent corporations have already embraced the metaverse and it has already begun to pull strings as record-breaking transactions have already been made. And it’s coming from the virtual world’s real estate market where digital gamers are flocking.

The move by major businesses to purchase digital land in worlds like the Sandbox and Decentraland, where gamers replicate real-life activities such as shopping and attending a concert, is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Continue reading to learn more about metaverse real estate’s recent trending deals.

An Overview of The Rise of MetaVerse

It all started with Facebook’s founder expressing his support for the notion of a virtual world where real-life events might take place. Mark Zuckerberg even went as far as to rename the company Meta Platforms Inc. to make it official. Other businesses came up with the idea that if the metaverse is going to stick around, there will be a need to build real estate where people may live in the virtual world.

Metaverse, a virtual world in which digital avatars connect via virtual reality headsets, is already gaining traction. In terms of wealth, socializing, productivity, shopping, and entertainment, it is already delivering on the promise of a greater crossover from the physical to the digital world. But, with the recent real estate purchases, this mix of several technological elements is already more than virtual reality.

What You Should Know About Sandbox and Other Virtual Recent Record Sales

The wager that individuals and businesses will require virtual houses and retail space, and that property values will rise as more people join the global real estate investment trend.

As a result, several great investment corporations are already doing business in worlds like Sandbox and Decentraland, owning digital land. This took on a new dimension recently when a leading metaverse real estate developer announced that it had paid $4.3 million for land in the world Sandbox.

And, according to reports and records of all previous investments, this is the largest virtual real-estate sale ever made public. These are the words of, a website that tracks the sale of digital land.

The Republic Realm and Atari SA, a videogame corporation, are involved in a deal that is making waves in the metaverse news headlines. The two corporations have agreed to collaborate on the future development of some of the properties.

Another record was achieved by Corp., a subsidiary of Decentraland, which spent roughly $2.5 million for land in the world’s Decentraland’s Fashion District. This has stirred business minds, as these deals have attracted the attention of other major corporations. The question now is whether we will experience a rush in the virtual world while it is still being built.


Real estate investors want to build retail premises that they can rent to virtual shops for hard money or cryptocurrency rent. Land ownership is registered using Nonfungible tokens or digital identities that act as de facto deeds. Property sales are frequently handled in a cryptocurrency that is peculiar to the metaverse.


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