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Open To Work

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If you’re open to work and don’t currently have a job, it can be tiring and disheartening.

Key Points
  • Being open to working on yourself can help your job search
  • Leverage your network as much as possible
  • ROBS Solution can help you start a business

Being Open To Work And Life

There’s rarely a good time to lose your job, and sometimes there are bad times to look for work as well. During a pandemic can be a difficult situation in which to find employment, and the search itself can begin to wear you down after a while.

Having a strong self of who you are can help, but difficult to maintain, because Americans are strongly encouraged to view themselves as what they do, and also because people derive such a sense of who they are from what they do. But in the same way that you are not a brand, you are also not simply your job.

If simple things are feeling harder to manage than previously, consider reaching out to someone who can help. Find a coach, a therapist, or a doctor who can help see if you have depression or seasonal affected disorder. Taking care of your job search works best when you take care of yourself and who you are.

Taking Care Of Yourself

To truly take care of yourself and your job search, decide what you really need. Take a shower every day, or every other, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, take regular breaks from your job search, stretch, eat well, and keep in contact with family or friends. In fact, who you know may be the most successful predictor of when your search will end.

But caring for yourself is vital because you are more than just your job search. It may feel like it can consume you, but it’s important that it doesn’t. Be open to work on yourself. And there are a variety of ways that you can frame your job search so that you are treating it as your new job even while you are looking.

Structure And Space

Creating a structure for your searching is a great way to start. Keep a spreadsheet of every job you’ve applied to, and how you applied – was it through their webpage, an employment app, or on paper? Keep a record of any emails (with addresses) you sent and anyone with whom you’ve directly spoken. Set a goal of applying to a specific number of jobs daily. Meet that goal, and then give yourself some grace and take a walk, drink some water, do something for yourself.

Reach out to friends or family who can help you with your search. Expand your network through sites like LinkedIn and let others know you are actively looking for work. At a time when there’s unrest due to the pandemic and other factors, try to stay positive, and realize that there are a lot of people in the same situation as you are. You may even be able to help someone else who is looking for work, and then they may be able to help you.

Be Open To Work At Something New

There are probably plenty of instances where people have verbalized that they will not accept a position lower than where they were previously. If you conflate your worth with that of your previous position, this can likely happen to you. But think about what you really want to do. Are you open to work at a new job entirely? If you’ve thought about going back to school to become a teacher, did you know there may be ways to do it while teaching? Look into it, and see if there’s a program that fits you.

Or maybe you always wanted to open a bridal shop, but didn’t know how. If you’ve been working and have some money saved in a retirement account, the ROBS Solution could help you realize your dreams of owning your own business, whether as a solopreneur or as a franchisee. The Rollover Business Startup solution, or ROBS, is the only legal structure one can use to purchase a business or franchise one will be personally involved in with retirement funds, without triggering a tax or penalty.

Most importantly keep yourself centered. Be open to work, open to yourself, and open to the future.

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