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How ROBS can Fund Your Beekeeping Dreams

ROBS and Beekeeping
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Key Points
  • ROBS solution can help you start a business
  • An apiary can be a great business
  • Bees are an important part of our lives

The Bees’ Knees

Use the ROBS Solution to help you out with your business as a way to purchase a franchise or start a business without incurring taxes or penalties. It involves using funds from eligible retirement accounts like a 401k or IRA, to invest in an existing or new business, like an apiary.

An apiary is a bee farm. And it’s becoming an attractive place to invest in or retire to. You can use your own money from a retirement fund to invest in an apiary, if you use the ROBS solution.

In Ancient Egypt, honey was known as the “Tears of Re,” and beeswax was used to fashion magical objects. Spells were repeated over or carved into the wax as it was fashioned into a shape that would assist in making the magic happen. Since the earliest dynasties bees were kept as part of the pharaoh’s property, and the bee farms continued to function long into the time of the Roman Empire’s rule in the Nile valley, and beyond, as the earliest Christians and Muslims kept the practice going.


Honey is useful for medicinal reasons, being part of recipes that can be applied to wounds or added to syrups to adjust the taste. Even today, honey is added to cough medicines and “hot toddies” to help relieve sore throats and coughs. And the ROBS solution can help you with the honey solution you make for coughs and colds

More than just a medical additive, honey flavors cereals and teas, ice cream and fruit smoothies, and much, much more. There are so many uses for honey and beeswax that it is truly remarkable more bees are not kept by smaller farmers. It’s remarkable as well that wildflowers for bees are not more protected. The health of bees influences the health of flowers and the rest of the natural world. Pesticides are not more regulated since they can lead to the collapse of bee colonies around the world.

ROBS and Beekeeping

Keeping bees can be a joyful experience, especially if you are working for yourself at your own apiary. The ROBS solution is the only legal solution that allows one to invest more than $50,000 of retirement funds into a business they will personally be involved in and work in without triggering the prohibited transaction rules. So your retirement funds can help fund your dream of owning a bee farm, collecting honey, and making beeswax products.

With the ROBS solution, a C Corporation is created, which means shareholders are allowed, and a new 401k is created for that business. Existing monies are rolled over into the new account, and your ROBS specialist will be able to advise what types of accounts qualify. Those funds are then used to purchase stock in the new company, and the sale from that allows for liquid assets which are in turn invested in the new venture. Setting the whole thing up can be complicated, but the right adviser can help make it easier.

Keeping a bee farm may be something you think might be for you, so you should look into the risks and rewards. You’ll need to learn how to care for the bees and make sure they have what all animals and insects need: proper food, sunlight, moisture, darkness, and so on.

Use the ROBS solution to have the retirement of your dreams. There are so many vocations you can apply yourself to, and beekeeping is just one option. It pays to think outside the retirement bee-box, especially in turbulent financial times.

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