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Services We Offer – ROBS Solution

Services We Offer - ROBS Solution
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At IRA Financial, one of the services we offer is the Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS) solution to assist investors in using their own retirement funds in a business they have personal involvement in. You will work directly with a retirement tax professional who will help you develop an IRS and ERISA fully compliant Rollover for Business Startups Solution customized for your individual business, financial and retirement needs. 

ROBS Solution or Funding Services

The services we offer to get you started with the ROBS solution include the following: 

  • Establishment of “C” Corporation
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • By-Laws
    • Organizational Meeting Minutes
  • Stock Certificates
  • Employment Agreement
  • Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Provide corporate record book and stock certificates. Draft Stock subscription agreement and stock purchase agreement.
  • Establishment of 401(k) Plan
    • The Adoption Agreement Plan
    • Basic Plan Document Agreement
    • The Summary Plan Description
    • IRS Opinion Letter
    • Notice to Employees
    • Resolution Adopting Plan
  • Retain third-party administrator (when needed)
  • Process ERISA Fidelity Bond (when needed)
  • Retain independent Appraisal for corporate stock valuation
  • Completion of IRS Form 5500
  • Direct access to our on-site tax and ERISA professionals

To learn more about the ROBS solution services that we provide, visit the Rollover for Business Startups page

The ROBS solution has been carefully developed by retirement tax professionals to include all the necessary elements so that the business acquisition or funding is fully compliant with IRS and ERISA rules and procedures.

We have developed a process that ensures speed and compliance by using standardized procedures that work via phone, e-mail, fax, and mail. Your funds will be ready for investment into your new or existing business within 14-21 days.

Get in Touch 

Interested in employing the ROBS solution to fund your new or an existing business venture? Contact IRA Financial directly at  and we’ll answer any questions you have the structure. We encourage individuals who are interested in the Rollover for Business Startups Solution to download the free IRA Financial ROBS Solution information kit and review our ROBS learn more pages. Contact a tax specialist for additional assistance. 

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