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Solo 401k Plan Fee at IRA Financial

Solo 401K Plan Fees
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We often receive questions about our Solo 401k Plan fee from prospective clients. A commonly asked question we receive is whether individual’s must pay the entire Solo 401k fee up front in order to get started with this individual retirement plan. For prospective clients still in the dark about our fee setup, you don’t need to pay the entire Solo 401k Plan fee upfront.

At IRA Financial, we take only a small deposit upfront so that we can begin the completion of the IRA rollover or transfer paperwork and consultation immediately. The final payment amount is paid once the Solo 401k Plan documents have been completed and sent to the client.

IRA Financial Group will take care of everything you need to open and fund your Solo 401k Plan including all necessary documents.

Learn more about our fee schedule and service for this retirement plan.

Get Started

A Solo 401k Plan, also known as the Individual 401(k) or One-Participant 401(k), is perfect for any owner-only businesses and anyone who has self-employed income and is looking to put aside more money for retirement than an IRA allows.

To learn more about the Solo 401k, we encourage you to download our free IRA Financial Solo 401k info kit and review our Solo 401k Learn More pages. If you are eligible for the plan and think it’s right for you, download the free IRA Financial app to establish your Solo 401k account. The app allows you to rollover funds from one retirement plan into the Solo 401k with the assistance of an IRA custodian, perform basic maintenance and make investments all in the palm of your hand.

To learn more, call IRA Financial directly at 800-472-0646 or use one of our contact forms to speak with a qualified tax specialist. We look forward to hearing from you.

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