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How Smart Investors Use a Self-Directed IRA

IRA Plant

Not all Self-Directed IRAs are the same.  The reason for this is that most Self-Directed IRA companies are only offering one type of Self-Directed IRA and do not have the experience and expertise to offer the ultimate Self-Directed IRA solution – the IRA LLC.  Adam Bergman, Esq, the founder of IRA Financial, has written 8 […]

Traditional IRA vs Self-Directed IRA

traditional ira vs self-directed ira

Traditional IRA vs Self-Directed IRA is the difference between investing in Wall Street, or investing in assets you understand. Learn more at IRA Financial.

Solo 401k Checkbook Control Structure

checkbook control Solo 401(k)

The Solo 401k checkbook control structure simplifies how you can purchase investments. By establishing a bank account for your plan, you can write a check, use a debit card, or wire funds on the spot. Solo 401k Retirement Plan A Solo 401k is perfect for sole proprietors, small businesses, and independent contractors. A Solo 401k […]

Solo 401k Provider – How to Choose the Best

Solo 401(k) provider

A Solo 401(k) Provider should be researched diligently. Not all providers are the same. Learn helpful tips on choosing the best Solo 401(k) provider to make non-traditional investments.

Self-Directed IRA Custodians

Top questions to ask your self directed IRA custodian

As the President of a Self-Directed IRA custodian, it surprises me how often I am asked by clients, friends, and colleagues what is a Self-Directed IRA custodian and how it differs from a traditional bank or financial institution. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 408, an IRA can only be established and administered by a bank, […]

What is a Self-Directed Coverdell ESA?

self-directed coverdell esa

A Self-Directed Coverdell ESA allows you to use Coverdell funds to make alternative and traditional investments without custodian consent. Learn more.

Why Hasn’t my CPA/Attorney/Financial Advisor Heard of a Self-Directed IRA LLC?

why hasn't my financial advisor heard of a self directed IRA?

This is a question we used to hear all the time when we first started business a decade ago.  Self-Directed IRAs are much more mainstream in today’s society.  However, there is still limited access to both the plans themselves and information about them.  Here, we’ll briefly explore the benefits of Self-Directed IRAs and why your […]