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Bitcoin at $9000 – Episode 184

2 Minute Read IRA Financial’s Adam Bergman discusses the impact of Bitcoin hitting $9,000 and what it means for retirement account investors. When this podcast was originally recorded…

Pocket Bitcoin 401k

9 Minute Read The Pocket Bitcoin 401k is essentially a Solo 401(k), allowing you to make higher contributions, borrow money and invest without custodian consent.

Pocket Bitcoin IRA

8 Minute Read The Pocket Bitcoin IRA is essentially a self-directed IRA with checkbook control, allowing you to make investments without custodian consent.

Bitcoin Roth IRA Investments

3 Minute Read Bitcoin Roth IRA Investments In case you haven’t noticed, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to climb once again. Some numbers to consider: As of…

How to Lower Your Bitcoin IRA Custodial Fees

5 Minute Read Bitcoin IRA custodial fees are known to be very high. However, there are ways to get around it, depending on what structure you choose. It’s best to avoid brokers, custodians and setting up an LLC to reduce costs.