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Rollover Your IRA or 401K to Precious Metals IRA or 401K

  • The price of Precious Metals has increased significantly in the past 15 years
  • Precious metals have always been valuable and is a hedge against inflation
  • Precious metals are easy to buy and simple to sell

Why Work With Us?

At IRA Financial, we help our clients take control of their retirement funds and gain the ability to invest in almost any type of investment tax-free. We have helped thousands of clients invest in foreign and domestic assets. You get direct and unlimited access to our in-house tax and ERISA professionals to ensure that all established tax structures are IRS compliant. We offer a full IRS audit guarantee and stand by the legality of our structures and will fully defend their merits against any IRS audit.

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Here are some examples of precious metals you can invest in:


  • 1 oz Gold American Eagle coins
  • 1 oz Gold American Buffalo coins
  • 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold bars from various recognized refiners


  • 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins
  • 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 10 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar
  • 100 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar
  • Silver bars from various recognized refiners including Sunshine Mint bar


  • 1 oz Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Platinum bars from various recognized refiners

What Our Customers Say

“I evaluated about 5 firms offering the SDIRA. Services, and the IRA Financial Group was my ultimate choice.  I found them very professional and helpful throughout the process.  I choose to invest with my wife, and their knowledge made it possible.  It can be a very complex process but they have all the answers.  I made the right decision.”

–  John Howell

“IRA Financial Group is the way to go if you are looking for ways to diversify and to put your retirement money to work. I highly recommend reading both books published by the company’s founder Adam Bergman.  The staff guided me on every step of the process and they are professional, knowledgable and most of all, patient.”

– Patricia Dia Falco

“The whole process was painless and efficient.  I was informed every step of the way.  The staff at IRA Financial Group are superb professionals and a delight to work with.”

-Lilian Cheng

Precious Metals IRA clients at ira financial group

12,000+ clients

Our tax and ERISA experts have helped over 12,000 clients invest $4 billion in alternative assets.

7 books

IRA Financial Group’s founder, Adam Bergman, is the author of seven books on Self-Directed IRA retirement plans.

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Bergman is a frequent contributor to and is an official member of the Forbes Financial Council.


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