Discover How A ROBS 401K Works

  • Establish a new C Corporation
  • The C Corporation adopts a 401(k) plan
  • Transfer of funds to new 401(k) plan from current custodian
  • The 401(k) plan purchases company stock
  • The new company uses to purchase new assets, new franchises, or make other business-related purchases

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IRA Financial Group has over a decade of experience helping investors self-direct their retirement accounts.

We Wrote The Book On ROBS

Adam Bergman, founder of IRA Financial Group, has published 7 books on the topic of retirement plans and taxation, including the first published book on how to use retirement funds to purchase a business (Turning Retirement Funds Into Start-Up Dreams). He is a frequent contributor to Forbes, has been quoted in over 250 major publications, and helped over 12,000 clients establish self-directed retirement plans to make alternative asset investments.

Customer Service You Want

Our team will work one-on-one with you to establish a Self-Directed IRA, Solo 401(k) or ROBS solution that fits your goals.

What Are Some of the Advantages
of the ROBS Solution

Save Money

The primary advantage of establishing a ROBS solution is to be able to use your retirement funds to invest in a business you will be personally involved in without having to pay tax the retirement funds you wish to use as a distribution to tax and potentially penalty. By being able to invest the retirement funds into the business without having to take a taxable distribution and a 10% early distribution penalty if under the age of 59 ½, using a ROBS solution could save someone close to 45% of the distribution amount.

Invest in Yourself

The ROBS solution allows one to invest their retirement funds in a business that will be actively run by the retirement account holder. As a result, one is essentially investing their retirement funds in themselves rather than on Wall Street.


There is a growing sentiment among financial advisors, especially after the 2008 financial crisis, that in order to protect your retirement funds from a market downturn, your retirement funds should be well diversified. One can generally not eliminate investment risk completely, but one can manage your level of risk.

Earn a Salary

In order for one to be a participant of a 401(k) Plan, one needs to be an employee of the business, which adopted the plan. For many entrepreneurs the ability to earn a salary and be actively involved in the business is the reason they are using a ROBS solution versus using a self-directed IRA.

Benefit from having a 401(k) Retirement Plan

One of the best ways for you to save toward your own retirement and ensure your future security is through an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan. Below are some of the advantages of offering and participating ion a 401(k) Plan.

Matching Contributions

Many employers will match a portion of your savings. It’s like passing up free money if you don’t participate. A safe harbor 401(k) Plan, which is a popular type of 401(k) plan for small businesses, offer employees who participate in the plan a 3% matching contribution made by the employer.

Retaining employees

With most businesses offering their employees retirement benefits, it is worthwhile for small businesses to compete for talented workers by implementing 401(k) benefits. Offering 401(k) plan benefits is a great way to retain key employees.

Easy Administration

401(k) Plan administration is now easier and more cost-effective than ever with Internet options available to small employers. In addition, IRA Financial Group offers record keeping and third-party administration services for your plan allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and less on your plan.

You Can Participate As Well

You are eligible to participate in the company 401(k) plan if you are an owner or an employee of the company that sponsor’s the 401(k) plan. That means that in addition to your tax savings for offering the plan and providing matching contributions, you’ll receive yet another tax savings for participating in the plan.

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“What about your IRA, including rollover IRA? You need to look at state law, advises tax attorney Adam Bergman of New York’s IRA Financial Group.”

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“Adam Bergman…gets several calls a day from clients like McDermott looking to invest their retirement funds in real estate. ‘Our average client has retirement accounts of about $150,000 and is looking to buy one or two properties.'”

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“Jeff Brown…transferred roughly $50,000 from his workplace 401(k) to purchase homes to fix up and sell…He uses a self-directed IRA that he set up through IRA Financial Group in Miami Beach.”

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