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ROBS Solution

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How Does the ROBS Structure Work?

How Does the ROBS Structure Work?

The ROBS retirement arrangement typically involves rolling over a prior IRA or 401(k) plan account into a new 401(k) plan. A start-up C Corporation business sponsors the plan. Then you invest the rollover 401(k) Plan funds in the stock of the new C Corporation. The funds are deposited in the C Corporation bank account and are available for use for business purposes.

The following is how a typical ROBS structure works:

  1. Jim, an entrepreneur or current business owner establishes a new C Corporation in the state the business will be operating. The ROBS structure involves a C Corporation, not an LLC or S Corporation. This is because of the exemption to the IRS prohibited transaction rules which involves the purchase of "qualifying employer securities." This is the stock of a Corporation. Using an LLC does not satisfy this definition. Only individuals can be shareholders of an S Corporation and a 401(k) Plan is a trust.
  2. The new C Corporation then adopts a prototype 401(k) plan. It specifically permits the plan participants, including Jim, to direct the investment of their plan accounts into a selection of investment options. This includes employer stock or "qualifying employer securities."
  3. Jim elects to participate in the new 401(k) Plan. He directs a rollover of a prior employer's 401(k) Plan funds into the newly adopted 401(k) Plan.
  4. He then directs the investment of his 401(k) plan account to purchase the C Corporation's newly issued stock at fair market value. In others words, the amount that Jim wants to invest within the new business.
  5. Additionally, Jim invests personal funds equal to or more than 1% of the purchase price. As a result, the structure is not considered an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP).
  6. The C Corporation utilizes the proceeds from the sale of stocks to purchase the assets for the new business. The proceeds is the amount of rollover funds and personal funds Jim uses.
  7. Now Jim can earn a salary from the revenues of the business and personally guarantee any business loan.

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Self-Directed IRA vs. ROBS Solution to Buy a Business

Self-Directed IRA vs. ROBS Solution to Buy a Business

Previously known as the Business Acquisition Solution (BACSS) at IRA Financial, the Rollover Business Start-up is a type of self-directed retirement solution. So why not use a Self-Directed IRA?

At first glance, using a Self-Directed IRA LLC to purchase stock in a corporation seems to share many similarities with the ROBS structure.

At IRA Financial Group, our ROBS strategy allows the new business to:

  • Borrow from third parties.
  • Pay salaries to employees (including shareholders/plan participants).
  • Engage in other routine business transactions with disqualified persons.

Commonly, a corporate officer or shareholder will make or guarantee loans to the business.

The limitation of using a Self-Directed IRA LLC to buy a business is that you cannot:

  • Actively work in the business.
  • Earn a salary.
  • Personally guarantee a loan without triggering prohibited transaction rules.

Did You Know?

ROBS drawbacks when buying a business by IRA Financial GroupIt's important to choose the right entity for your business when utilizing the ROBS structure.  Sole proprietorships are best for smaller, self-employed businesses.  LLCs are good for smaller businesses that want more asset protection.  C Corporations are attractive for larger businesses and individuals in a higher tax bracket.  Finally, S Corporations are for those looking to avoid corporate taxes, however they are heavily scrutinized by the IRS.

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