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2011 401k limit

These days, more and more folks are ditching their high-paid investment managers and discovering the benefits of a self-directed IRA. The benefits of solo 401K plans are numerous and clear: tax-deferred earnings and income, total financial control free from outside meddling, and most importantly, the freedom to act quickly on investment opportunities as they arise.

Tired of seeing your earning potential, already constrained by the 2011 401k limit, whittled down even further by punitive custodial fees on your IRA account? A self-directed IRA gives you the option of setting up an LLC, managed exclusively by and for you, to hold your funds out of the reach of greedy middlemen looking to take a cut of your hard-earned income.

This structure entitles you to numerous benefits, not least of which is total freedom of investment. Custodial IRA accounts often restrict their clients to certain asset classes, but nothing in the solo 401K rules prevents you, as a self-directed IRA LLC investor, from reaching beyond boring bonds or risky stocks to invest in hard assets like land, tangible commodities like gold, peer-to-peer lending, your own business, or almost anything else! Total freedom of investment means just that, total control over how, when and where you wish to invest your money. After all, the best investment opportunities rarely wait for custodial approval.

Solo 401K plans using the LLC structure offer the entrepreneurial investor a significant financial advantage. While traditionally it is difficult for individuals to secure loans for their IRA investments, it’s possible to bypass the 2011 401k limit and inject capital into your investment pool by taking out a non-recourse loan. For retirement investors looking to take control of their own destinies and buy durable real estate assets, the slightly higher rates of interest that these non-recourse loans demand can do more than offset a loophole in the tax code that allows leveraged real estate investors to avoid the 35% “unrelated business taxable income” (UBTI) tax. Since income from solo 401K plans is allowed to grow tax-free, the savings can really pile up.

If you’re tired of buying the same old stocks and bonds for your tax-free retirement portfolio, you’re not alone. Nothing in the solo 401K rules prevents you, as the master of your own destiny, from pursuing a more exciting and active investment strategy and opening a self directed IRA LLC to purchase real estate or even open your own business!

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