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401K Employer Contribution Limits

401k Employer Contribution LimitsMany of you out there know the importance of investing for your future, because at some point, you want to retire right? Well, there are a number of investment options you have to choose from that will allow you to invest money today so you have a nest egg of money down the road for your retirement.

If you are a business owner, you are going to like the solo 401k option when trying to expand and diversify your income. With the solo 401k, you can borrow money from your retirement account to invest in things like real estate, precious metals, currency, and even tax liens. This can be a great help to you when you either need the money or want to invest elsewhere.

Another option is a self-directed IRA LLC. With this plan, you can take control and reduce your taxes of the income you gain on your investments. How it works is this, you open an IRA account with a local bank and transfer your retirement savings into the self-directed IRA which is setup as an LLC. The owner of the LLC is obviously you, so you have control of how those funds are invested. Once you do that, you can invest the money where and when you want with a simple bank transfer.

There is another option, which is called the self-directed IRA real estate. With this plan you can take your retirement savings and put it into real estate investments to get a better return on your investment. This plan will allow you to get into the real estate market and make some great gains over the time you own the real estate. You can then sell the real estate at any time and invest it back wherever you want.

After looking at your options for investing your money, I hope you have come away with some great ideas and suggestions to get started with a self-directed IRA, Solo 401k, or the real estate investing options you have. So remember, the earlier you start investing, the better off you will be in your retirement years.

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