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Adam Bergman, IRA Financial Group Partner, Interviewed on Miami Business Radio About Self-Directed IRAs

Adam Bergman was a guest on Fried on Business on WZAB 880AM -Business Radio – discussing Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plans

On July 14, 2016, Adam Bergman, a partner with the IRA Financial Group, was interviewed on WZAB 880 – The Biz – the Fried on Business Show, discussing self-directed IRAs and Solo 401(k) Plans. Mr. Bergman spoke about how the self-directed IRA and Solo 401(k) plans work, its advantages, and the type of investments one can make using IRA and 401(k) pans funds. Mr. Bergman also commented on the topic of tax-deferral and the power of the Roth IRA. “I was really excited about having the opportunity to be a guest on the Fried on Business Show and discuss the many advantages of using a self-directed IRA to make real estate and other investments without tax,” stated Mr. Bergman.

Adam Bergman is a partner with the IRA Financial Group, LLC, the markets leading provider of Self-Directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) plans. Mr. Bergman is also the President of the IRA Financial Trust Company, a self-directed IRA custodian. In addition, Mr. Bergman is a recognized expert on IRAs and 401(k) Plans and is the founder of the and the Mr. Bergman is the author of the book titled, “ Going Solo: America’s Best Kept Retirement Secret For the Self-Employed,” available on Amazon, and is a frequent contributor to Forbes. Mr. Bergman has advised over 10,000 clients on the self-directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plan solutions.

Mr. Bergman has written three other books on the topic of self-directed retirement plans, including “The Checkbook IRA”, “Going Solo”, “Turning Retirement Funds into Start-Up Dreams”. and “In God We Trust in Roth We Prosper”.

Prior to joining the IRA Financial Group, LLC, Mr. Bergman worked as a tax and ERISA attorney at White & Case LLP, Dewey LeBoeuf LLP, and Thelen LLP, three of the most prominent corporate law firms in the world. Throughout his career, Mr. Bergman has advised thousands of clients on a wide range of tax and ERISA matters involving limited liability companies and retirement plans. Mr. Bergman received his B.A. (with distinction) from McGill University and his law degree (cum laude) from Syracuse University College of Law. Mr. Bergman also received his Masters of Taxation (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law.

IRA Financial Group is the market’s leading provider of self-directed retirement plans. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate without custodian consent.

The IRA Financial Trust Company, a self-directed IRA custodian, was founded by Adam Bergman, a partner with the IRA Financial Group.

To learn more about the IRA Financial Group please call 800-472-0646.

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