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Benefits of the Self-Directed Investment Club

Benefits of Self-Directed Investment Clubs

In addition to alternative investments and the new found freedoms of full checkbook control, you additionally gain direct control over the traditional investment mix of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds by adding a brokerage account for your Self Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) Plan. Not only are your profits tax-deferred back to your retirement account, but the purchases can be made as quickly as you’re normally accustomed – either on-line or through your broker. We provide the documents for opening your account and you invest as you please. Perfect for individuals and investment clubs!

Self-Directed Investment Clubs

An alternative approach to traditional investment clubs is the Self-Directed Investment Club. These clubs are the “do it yourself, but not alone”, approach to investment clubs. Like traditional clubs, self-directed investment clubs meet regularly and share analysis, insight and information in pursuit of investment opportunities. The difference is that after investment decisions are made, club members invest through their individual retirement accounts.

Benefits of Self-Directed Investment Clubs

Education comes in many forms, but merely speaking with other investors will be a comfort and enlightenment to someone who has been going it alone and learning along the way.

Alternative Investments are excellent for providing greater diversification and often produce greater returns; however finding the right alternative investments can be intimidating for even the most experienced investors. There’s much to be said for the comfort of a shared experience; and the natural difference in individual focus can open your eyes to areas and industries you might not have ever considered before.

Self-Directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plans provide the highest degree of investment freedom and asset protection. This combination is also the most cost effective vehicle for tax deferred alternative investing. Beyond that, the most valuable aspect of an investment club continues to be the wider field of vision created by the group and their combined ability to alert each other to the good as well as the, not so good opportunities that abound across every investment class.

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