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Can an employee roll over distributions from a designated Roth account to another employer’s designated Roth account or into a Roth IRA?

Yes. However, because a distribution from a designated Roth account consists of both pre-tax money (earnings on the Roth contributions) and basis (Roth contributions), it must be rolled over into a designated Roth account in another plan through a direct rollover. If the distribution is made directly to the employee and then rolled over within 60 days, the basis portion cannot be rolled over to another designated Roth account, but can be rolled over into a Roth IRA.

If only a portion of the distribution is rolled over, the rolled over portion is treated as consisting first of the amount of the distribution that is includible in gross income. Alternatively, the employee may roll over the taxable portion of the distribution to a 401(a) or 403 (b) plan’s designated Roth account within 60 days of receipt. However, the employee’s period of participation under the distributing plan is not carried over to the recipient plan for purposes of measuring the 5-taxable-year period under the recipient plan.

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