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Checkbook Control IRAs can invest in more than Real Estate

More than half of all Americans are not saving enough for their retirement and the other half are not achieving returns sufficient to meet their retirement needs. Diversification into real estate, tax liens, precious metals, and investing private businesses are options that many of us may not have considered, or even known we were allowed to do. You can.

For a number of years the stock market and bond markets have not yielded returns that are sufficient to support retirement plans of most senior Americans. In a checkbook control Self Directed IRA or Solo 401(k) you’re able to seek many different answers outside of the regulated markets.

Although real estate is the investment that most commonly held asset that people feel most familiar and comfortable with, there are many other possibilities and opportunities for the checkbook control IRA or 401(k) investor. Precious metals, tax liens, tax deeds, hard money lending, investment into private businesses are just some of the many opportunities that await the checkbook control investor.

To learn more about the benefits of a self-directed IRA to make real estate or other investments, please contact a self-directed IRA expert at 800-472-0646 or visit us at

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