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Guard Against Fraud With Your Solo 401k or Self-Directed IRA

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Guard Against Fraud With Your Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plan

The IRA Financial Group encourages each investor to review the following questions when considering an investment. Because it is not the responsibility of IRA Financial Group to provide investment analysis or recommendations or to perform due diligence concerning your investment decisions, the questions have been designed to help you in your efforts to evaluate the soundness, prudence and merit of your investments.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of questions but simply a starting point. The answers to these questions are not a substitute for your own due diligence. We also strongly encourage investors to make use of legal, tax and financial advisors to support these efforts.

Always take the time you need to understand and evaluate a potential investment. Make sure you understand the investment you will be making and thoroughly understand how the promoter will be able to generate the returns being promised. Also, make sure the promoter of the investment has the necessary qualifications or licenses, if applicable, to offer the investment. Be cautious if a sponsor or advisor uses the affiliation as the reason to make the investment, rather than relying on the underlying merits of the investment or trust in the sales person.


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