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Home prices rise and fall, that’s a good thing for the Self-Directed IRA LLC

The market forces that affect residential home prices have been extraordinary and varied over the past six years. Although the timing of entry and exit from any market usually tells the story of how well, or how poorly, an investor fared. For the savvy investor, that’s not always so in real estate. Every a residential property has the inherent ability to transform itself into something more marketable with the vision of an investor who understands the local market. That’s why so many real estate investors have been using their retirement funds to purchase, repair, renovate then take advantage of leasing or sales opportunities.

When you purchase real estate assets with your Self-Directed IRA retirement funds the income, including capital appreciation from the sale, is all tax deferred! Also, checkbook control in a Self-Directed IRA means that you can personally manage the property and control all factors and decisions. No matter what real estate market you’re looking at there will always be money making opportunities. Yes, the market will always fluctuate, however real estate’s versatility and the options available to you to affect its value, even in a down market, make real estate one of the safest, most secure investments you can own in your Self-Directed IRA retirement portfolio.

To learn more about the real estate IRA please contact a tax professional at 800-472-0646.

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