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IRA Financial Group Introduces Third-Party Recordkeeping Services for Self-Directed Solo 401(k) Plans

Third-party record-keeping services will help self-directed solo 401(k) plan clients administer their plan

IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed solo 401(k) plans announces the introduction of the specialized third-party record-keeping services for self-directed solo 401(k) plans. The self-directed solo 401(k) plan is a qualified retirement 401(k) plan that is established by a sole proprietorship or business owner that has no full-time employees. IRA Financial Group’s new self-directed solo 401(k) Plan was designed to offer self-employed retirement investors a diverse and wide array of investment opportunities for their retirement funds, specifically real estate. However, small business owners that have adopted a self-directed solo 401(k) plan can purchase stocks, mutual funds, precious metals, real estate, and much more. In addition, the self-directed 401(k) Plan account can be opened at any local bank and financial institution, including Fidelity, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade and more. “When it comes to using a self-directed solo 401(k) plan as a retirement and investment vehicle, it is crucial that the 401(k) plan be properly administered and satisfy all IRS and ERISA rules,“ stated Joel Baum, a CPA with the IRA Financial Group.

According to Mr. Baum, IRA Financial Group’s self-directed 401(k) plan third-party record-keeping services provides an affordable, comprehensive retirement program backed by knowledgeable 401(k) professionals who ensures a self-directed 401(k) plan runs smoothly and remains in full IRS compliance. “Our experienced retirement services professionals will manage many of the daily operations of your plan, relieving much of the stress of adopting a self-directed 401k plan,” stated Susan Glass, a retirement tax professional with the IRA Financial Group.

The IRA Financial Group’s in-house retirement tax professionals spent a number of years carefully studying IRS guidance in order to design an IRS compliant 401(k) plan program using retirement funds to make traditional as well as non-traditional investments, in addition to gaining all the advantages of having a 401(k) plan, including high deferral and the ability to borrow up to $50,000.

According to Mr. Baum, because the IRS has stressed the importance of compliance when adopting a self-directed individual 401k Plan, it is crucial to work with a company that is operated by a team of in-house tax and ERISA professionals who have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, including White & Case LLP and Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, to ensure a company adopted self-directed 401(k) plan remains in full IRS compliance..

The IRA Financial Group was founded by a group of top law firm tax and ERISA lawyers who have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, such as White & Case LLP, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, and Thelen LLP.

IRA Financial Group is the market’s leading provider and administrator of self-directed solo 401(k) plan retirement solutions. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate without custodian consent.

To learn more about the IRA Financial Group please contact a Solo 401(k) Expert @ 800-472-0646.

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