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Phoenix Real Estate Investors – Establish a Self Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control

A Self Directed IRA LLC with “Checkbook Control” offers a Phoenix investor the ability to use his or her retirement funds to make almost any type of investment, including real estate, on his or her own without requiring the consent of any custodian. Have an investment opportunity in Phoenix or anywhere else in the world, such as real estate or precious metals that you would love to make with your IRA funds? Then the Self Directed IRA LLC is your solution. In addition to the tremendous IRA benefits (tax-free gains, tax deductions, asset protection and estate planning), the Self Directed IRA LLC allows you to invest tax-free in investments that you know and understand quickly and without custodian consent.

By using a Self Directed IRA LLC with “checkbook control”, you will gain the following advantages:

“Checkbook Control”: You will no longer have to get each IRA investment approved by the custodian of your account. Instead, as manager of the Self Directed IRA real estate LLC, all decisions are truly yours. To make an investment, simply right a check and use the funds straight from your Self Directed IRA LLC bank account to make your investment in Phoenix, in Arizona or anywhere else in the world.

Investment Opportunities: With a Self-Directed IRA LLC with checkbook control, you will be able to invest in almost any type of investment opportunity that you discover, including: real estate in Phoenix or outside of Phoenix (rentals, foreclosures, raw land, tax liens etc.), private businesses, precious metals, hard money & peer to peer lending as well as stock and mutual funds; you’re only limit is your imagination. The income and gains from these investments will flow back into your IRA tax-free.

Low Custodian Fees: A Self Directed IRA with Checkbook Control will help you save a significant amount of money on custodian fees. With a Self Directed IRA LLC you no longer have to pay excessive custodian fees based on account value and transaction fees as you would with a custodian controlled Self Directed IRA. Instead, with a checkbook control Self-Directed IRA LLC, an FDIC backed IRS approved passive custodian is used. By using a Self Directed IRA LLC with “checkbook control” you can take advantage of all the benefits of self-directing your retirement assets without incurring excessive custodian fees and custodian created delays. The IRA custodian will immediately transfer your funds to your new Self Directed IRA LLC bank account where you as manager of the LLC will have “Checkbook Control” over those funds.

Investments Made Quickly: With a Self-Directed IRA LLC Checkbook Control structure, you, as manager of the IRA LLC, will have the power to act quickly on a potential investment opportunity. When you find an investment that you want to make with your IRA funds, as manager of the LLC, simply write a check or wire the funds straight from your Self Directed IRA LLC bank account to make the investment. The Self Directed IRA allows you to eliminate the delays associated with an IRA custodian, enabling you to act quickly when the right investment opportunity presents itself.

Tax-Free Income & Gains: With a Self Directed IRA LLC “Checkbook Control” structure, all income and gains from IRA investments will generally flow back to your IRA LLC tax-free. Because an LLC is treated as a pass-through entity for federal income tax purposes and the IRA, as the member of the LLC, is a tax-exempt party pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 408, all income and gains of the LLC will flow-through to the IRA tax-free!

Limited Liability Protection: The State of Arizona has enacted a statute that provides for the creation and governance of LLCs. In addition, The State of Arizona allows an IRA to be a member/owner of an LLC.

By using a Self-Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control, your IRA will benefit from the limited liability protection afforded by using an LLC. By using an LLC, all your IRA assets held outside the LLC will be shielded from attack. This is especially important in the case of IRA real estate investments where many state statutes, including Arizona impose an extended statute of limitation for claims arising from defects in the design or construction of improvements to real estate.

The IRA Financial Group was founded by a group of top law firm tax and ERISA lawyers who have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, such as White & Case LLP, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, and Thelen LLP. With our work experience at some of the largest law firms in the country, our attorneys legal and tax knowledge in this area is unmatched.

The IRA Financial Group has helped hundreds of Phoenix investors use their retirement funds to make traditional as well as non-traditional investments, such as real estate, tax-free! We are committed to offering our clients customized professional services at a fair and reasonable price and we are able to deliver this by harmoniously blending professionalism, quality and efficiency.

IRA Financial Group will take care of setting up your entire Self-Directed IRA LLC Checkbook Control structure. The whole process can be handled by phone, email, fax, or mail and typically takes between 7-21 days to complete, the timing largely depending on the state of formation and the custodian holding your retirement funds. Our tax and ERISA attorneys are on site greatly reducing the set-up time and cost. Most importantly, each client of the IRA Financial Group is assigned a tax attorney to help with the establishment of the Self-Directed IRA LLC Checkbook Control structure.

To learn more about the benefits of using a Self Directed IRA LLC, please contact one of our IRA Experts for a free tax consultation at 800-472-0646.

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