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Roth IRA Contribution Limits

Roth IRA Contribution LimitsA self-directed IRA gives you control of how your IRA is invested and the ability to invest your IRA the way you want. With some companies, a self-directed IRA can give you absolute checkbook control. With checkbook control, your account is connected to a checking account. This way, when you find a great investment, you can write a check for it immediately instead of working through a broker. You are able to capitalize on your own research and expertise instead of relying on others.

Self-Directed IRA LLC is one of the companies that offers these products. When working with Self-Directed IRA LLC, you pay $89 instead of $3,000 or more that other companies charge to do what you can do on your own.

The Individual 401k or Solo 401k is a retirement plan for the self-employed. The Solo 401k is great for self-employed business owners who want to maximize their retirement contributions or if they would like to borrow from their retirement plan using their 401k balance as collateral via a tax-free individual 401k loan.

Some of the benefits of the Solo 401k plan for small business owners and the self-employed are higher contribution limits, tax-deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth, contribution flexibility, access to tax-free loans, cost-effective administration and retirement plan consolidation.

As of 2010, you can contribute as much as 100% of the first $15,000 you earn in a self-employed role, and a smaller percentage after that. The upper limit would be at about the $50,000 mark per year. You will need to receive the necessary documents and forms from a 401k provider. You will also need to submit material to prove that you are self-employed and that the income that is deposited comes from no other source.

A Self-Directed IRA Real Estate is a 401k account which consists of real estate investments. Real estate is usually a stable investment vehicle that gives investors both income and appreciation. With a self-directed IRA real estate plan, you can benefit from tax advantages that 401k plans provide. Other advantages of real estate IRAs are the power of compound interest, reduction of taxable income, asset protection and estate planning.

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